Friday, August 29, 2014

Week #1 - August 29, 2014

These past few days have been amazing!
Sister Sughroue at the MTC!

 Lets start from the beginning. So Andrew and Adam dropped me off at the curb and off I went to go get my name tag and when they put it on, the Spirit just hit me. I have my own name tag!!!! It's official I am Sister Sughroue. I look down at it all the time and it just makes me smile!!!!!!! I am a representative of Christ and His Church!
Andrew Pulsipher, Sister Sughroue, & Adam Pulsipher
Dropping me off at the MTC!

MY COMPANION IS AWESOME!!!!! It was a match made in heaven... seriously we are learning so much from each other. She is from Idaho but her parents were both born in Tonga! She is gorgeous, and I have never met someone who has such a strong spirit and love for everyone they meet! She also loves sports and working out! So during our gym time we ran around campus found some stairs and did  A TON  of those... she kicks my butt. We then play Volleyball and Basketball in the gym. ?Yeahhhhh I know you are all laughing because I am horrible at sports, but the Polys helped me with volleyball and now I'm decent. Oh and I made about five 3 pointers while shooting hoops, my companion thinks I should have played basketball. HAHAHAHA, it was pure luck. The Spirit was probably helping me or something. 

Sister Vasi & Sister Sughroue

Our district has 6 Elders who are going to Little Rock, Arkansas and 4 of us Sisters are all going to Temple Square. Sister Rajah is from Perth Australia and knows the Liddicoats and Dana Richard! So tell the Gharrings! Small World! 

The Sister's in my district!

Oh I see BROOKE I mean Sister Carpenter all the time.... at least 2 times a day or more. Iv'e also ran into Elder Rush, Elder Kartchner, Sister Anderson, the Gleasons Niece and a ton of people from school! 

The First day all the new missionaries went into a huge room and we had a meeting with the MTC President. We all then sang called to serve and I got immediate chills. Hundreds of us missionaries stood as a force and sang this song, the spirit
The Sister's in my district!
was so strong. The spirit is always strong here, you can feel it everywhere you go. That night we went into a meeting room, there about 100 missionaries, and one investigator sitting on the couch in the front. It was opened up for all of us to raise our hand and teach her. This was HARD. The investigator didn't care what we had to say and kept proving us wrong. The lesson was going no where... everyone kept getting up and saying the same thing, and avoiding her tough questions. I guess from this experience we all learned what not to do.... ahahahahaha. 

The next day we spent a lot of time in our class room learning how to teach and what our purpose as a missionary is. We were introduced to investigators (not in person) and then we had to pray to decide which one we should teach. Sister Vasi and I prayed and after the prayer we were thinking of each investigator. I was so nervous we would feel we needed to teach different ones and we both received the answer we needed to teach Simon!!!!! Fastest prayer ever answered.... probably 60 second after we said amen we got our answer! Our first lesson with him is today. We have been praying to know what we should teach him and that he will feel the love we have for him. Wish us luck!!!!! 

The MTC is amazing. I am on cloud nine... seriously you can feel the Spirit 24/7 and I have made so many new friends that I love. My testimony has grown a ton already and I love learning. I love sitting in class and taking notes and learning more about my Savior and how to become a better teacher. Yes its hard, but I rely on the Lord everyday to help me and with him I know I can do this. 
Sister Vasi & Sister Sughroue

Favorite Quote of the week is by Elder Holland, "Everything in this conversion process must happen to you before it happens to them." I love this because I feel that I am going through this process too, and I can't ask anything of my investigators unless I have done it or gone through it.
Our teacher told us that as we start our missions we are first the investigator. So true, I have learned so much in 2 days, and my testimony has become a ton stronger.

I love reading the scriptures for motivation and my favorite was D&C 4 this week. Future missionaries, those who are thinking of going, everyone read it. (:

I LOVE YOU ALL. Keep my Companion and I in your prayers please!
Sister Sughroue & Sister Spangler
Tell the Price's hi!

Have an amazing week and write me!

p.s. the food isn't that bad.... all about that salad bar and not getting fat.