Monday, June 29, 2015

Week #44 - June 29th, 2015

Hello Everyone! 

Sister Sughroue
Washington DC Temple
Richmond Virginia Mission
Departing Missionaries June 2015
On Saturday we got Transfer Calls and I found out I am being transferred for my last week here, to follow up train another Sister until the new Sister from Temple Square gets here, because our transfers are off by one week. Sister Kellogg and I were completely Surprised! We had thought there was no way I was leaving for just one week! Sister Kellogg is training though so I am excited for her! President Wilson is so funny when he called he said, "Don't hate me....  but will you?...." Of coarse I said yes, I just think its funny because he knows how much I love this area and it will be sad to leave it just one week before I leave and go to a random area. But where ever the Lord needs me I will go, I expect to see his hand in our work my last week here and I will make the best of it! So Tomorrow I will go to my new area with my new companion, I am going to miss Sister Kellogg so much. But we think I might stay in the zone so I can say goodbye before I leave. 

We had a very eventful week, so I will send tons of pictures! 
Sister Missionaries
P-Day Fun
On monday we had Zone P-day and played Umpa, I am a pro now! 

VCU Campus
with Sister Sprunt
Tuesday President Wilson gave me special permission to go "Return and Report" in Richmond. It is for trainees and there trainers, where they have 2 hrs to exchange and  go contact on VCU campus. And I got to go!!!! It was so much fun to street contact, we hit it hard for the 2 hrs we had talking with everyone. Awesome to be on a college campus because their are people everywhere and they are your age so its really easy to approach them! I was with Hermana Sprunt, we were talking with lots of people but not having anyone super interested so we decided to find someone sitting down not in a rush. We started to walk and saw this man on a bench down the street. We met and ended up teaching the first lesson to Thomas, he's in his 30's. He was so receptive and already had a Book of Mormon. We put him on date for a few weeks out and referred him too the missionaries in that area. Miracle! 

Wednesday we had an amazing lesson with Sajevonne, a new investigator! We met her tracting last sunday. We felt really
The Zeyala Family
strong we needed to knock these  houses at the end of the street, and no one was home, the last door we knocked was her! She was so nice and excited to see us. When we left Sister Kellogg and I were confused why she was so happy  to see us, we aren't use to that reaction! lol. She is so prepared and is seriously the happiest person  I have ever taught, She just has this glow and spirit about her! We gave her a chapter to read and as soon as we left she started to read it! She will be getting baptized! 

Sister Sughroue at the
Lincoln Memorial
Sister Gauch &
Sister Sughroue
Thursday I went to the the D.C. Temple with all the departing missionaries. President and Sister Wilson drove us all up in big vans. We were able to do a session, which was amazing. There is no place more HEavenly on earth then the Temple.  Then we had lunch at the visitor center, then went for a drive around tour through D.C. we got to see the white house, capitol, and everything from the car window. Then we stopped at the
Our investigator Evelyn
and her son Bradley
Lincoln monument, ran up the stairs took a picture and ran back down! hahaha a quick tour! 

The Bringhurst Family
We go and sing to these sweet sisters
every Sunday
The Smith Family
Friday we had a Zone meeting. Then went and did Personal Progress with the Chamberlains, to recent convert teenage girls. Saturday it stormed ALL DAY, I'm surprised it didn't flood! We had dinner at Sister Guach, out stake RS president in our ward, who we have gotten so close with and love so much. She fed us every week that I was here and I am going to miss her!  Then we got the call, that I'm leaving, so Sunday was full of goodbyes at church, a fireside,  and driving around after to see members and investigators. I love the woodbridge 2nd ward and they will always have a place in my heart! I am so grateful for the Bringhursts in our ward who were our Ward mission Leader. I have never met such a family so selfless and misisonary minded! Hope to be members like them! 

Well today Sister Kellogg and I are going to make the best of our last day together! We have a few more people to say bye too then we are having FHE at the Bringhursts! Hope you all have a great
The Chandler Family

Sister Sughroue

Monday, June 22, 2015

Week #43 - June 22nd, 2015


Nothing huge happened this week so I guess I'll just give you some highlights!
Sister's P-Day
On monday we went to Leeslyvania Beach for Sisters Pday and had a picnic, which was fun besides the crazy humidity and heat. On Tuesday we spent most of our day finding, and weren't having much luck so we decided too just drive and turn when we felt like it to see where we ended up. We found a little nieghborhood of town homes and felt really good about being there. We only planned to be there for about 20 minutes, but after talking to a few people we both felt that we should stay. We ended up tracting the whole thing and met a lot of people! This was a miracle!!! We know have some potentials to work with. The spirit truly directed us there. When one lady answered the door she started crying, because she was so happy we came and feels that God sent us to strengthen her. She is catholic and has a big family, we  plan to go back and share the gospel with all of them! 

Thursday we had a Tri Zone Meeting with Elder Perkins from the Seventy, it pretty much lasted all day and was AMAZING. Talk about a spiritual feast, I just soaked it all in! I
Tri-Zone Meeting
learned so much and they trained on so much I can't even begin to tell everything. One of my favorite things he had us do was write down 2 questions at the beginning, by coming to a meeting with questions it shows you want to receive spritual revelation and you will be more receptive to answers! And my 2 questions were answered! If you think about it, almost all revelation in Scriptures started with a question! Nephi, Mary, Brother of Jared, Joseph Smith and so many more! Maybe try it out for church, you will see what a difference it makes!                                                                            

Oh the bugs!
On Friday we made cookies with a member to take to our investigators and people we teach! We then had a lesson with Eric. When we first got there he was tired and kind of not in the best mood, we started to teach the Restoration and he was not all that into it. Then we started teaching about Joseph Smith and recited the 1st vision. And bore our testimonies...After that he changed! The spirit was so strong that it woke him up and he became super engaged and wanted to really know more about him and the Book of Mormon. The power of the experience Joseph Smiths experience is so real! 
This weekend was stake conference. 

Hermana Sprunt & Sister Sughroue
On Sister's P-Day
Saturday at the adult session our ward council acted out a mock example one to everyone, Luckily Bishop didn't call on me so I didn't say anything. hahah. Sunday Eveyln didn't come to church. Which is a huge bummer because now she can't get baptized before I leave on July 8th :( I will just have to skype it at temple Square. But we know she will still be baptized!  

Well thats about it. Just working hard out here in Woodbridge. Staying hydrated and getting eaten alive by bugs. But don't worry I love it! haha

Sister Sughroue                    

Monday, June 15, 2015

Week #42 - June 15th, 2015

Hello (:

Sister Sughroue & Sister Johns
This week we had Sisters meeting in Richmond for all the sisters in our mission! It was a whole day  filled with trainings on how we can serve with all our Heart, Might, Mind and Strength! (D&C 4). It was a day we were able to be spiritually strengthened and edified, which is exactly what sisters need.... President Wilson totally gets it. hahah. There was lunch and a huge clothing exchange, where every one just comes with clothes they don't want and you can pick ones you like!

We found a new investigator this week, who is media head quarters referral. He is from Africa, and after going through a traumatic experience is really prepared for the gospel, and searching for something to fill his heart. It was funny to be on the other side of these referrals, because being at Temple  Square usually we are the ones taking the calls/chats sending these referrals out. But nothing beats seeing them in person!

Wednesday I went on Exchange with Sister Ketchum, my Sister Training Leader, in her area! It was fun, the sisters here are awesome and I just love learning from them! 

Sister Sughroue's Zone
I am just on top of the world! Our investigator Evelyn came to church yesterday! She came with her 2 year old little boy, who refused to to nursery but he was good in all out classes haha. He is so cute! The members in our ward are awesome, gave her a ride, made her feel so welcomed! She wants to come back too, we are just feel so blessed to be teaching with her. Sister Kellogg and I have been working on making sure everyone knows we love them and care for them, and once we started doing that with Evelyn we saw a huge difference. It's amazing how fast you can grow to love someone you just met. I love her and her little boy and my heart was full sitting by them at church on sunday. As a missionary you just love the people you teach so much you will do anything to help them receive the Gospel because you know how much it will bless their lives. President Wilson shared an insight on a scripture  at Sisters meeting that "Charity is the pure love of Christ" meaning that it is us purely loving our Savior Jesus Christ. And if we purely love him, and his atonement we will just naturally love and have that "charity" for others. I love that! It is so true! 

At church on Sunday a youth speaker didn't show up, so Bishop asked me right before to share my testimony. I ended up shedding a few tears because I just love the Woodbridge 2nd ward so much, it truly was an answer to my prayers and I only have a short time left. :( Anyways,  I shared 2 Nephi 5:27, "And it came to pass that we lived after the manner of
Sister Yost & Sister Sughroue
happiness." And the reason the Nephites at this time were living happily is because they built a temple and were living righteously! Its that simple, if we want to live in true and lasting happiness we just need to live the gospel of Jesus Christ and and our loving Father in Heaven is so eager to bless us and guide us along the way. I am so grateful for this Gospel and the happiness it really does bring me. The more I understand the gospel and come closer to my Savior the happier I am.   
Hope you have all have an amazing week!

Much love, 
Sister Sughroue

Monday, June 8, 2015

Week #41 - June 8th, 2015

Hello Everyone!

First off, shout out to Hailey Kofler for getting baptized! I am so happy for you and tears came to my eyes when I saw the pictures! I know this is Gods plan for you and that he loves you! The Book of Mormon and this restored gospel will bring you so much happiness in this life!  There will be a letter in the mail coming your way(:

This week everyone in this mission received Ipads at our zone meeting on tuesday except for me.... mine came in the mail from Temple Square a few days later. I am so happy i have it, its perfect for out here we show videos and pictures to people all the time. No one can really turn down a 3 minute video about Jesus Christ no matter what type of Christian you are.  We spent an hour and half at the apple store trying to fix sister kelloggs Ipad but because of all the restrictions on it by the church they couldn't do anything.... and they thought we were amish because we didn't have an iphone and can't have itunes. hahaha, i swear we are normal! hahaha We got a member to fix it super quick so all is well! 

I think the longer sister Kellogg are together the more we look alike.... people ask us all the time if we are Sisters, or twins!
We are the same height pretty much and dress the same, so i guess it works. We just say yes we are "Sisters" Sister Missionaries. lolz.  

On Saturday, We went to the historic downtown Occuquan arts and crafts festival. It was HUGE! packed, with lots of people and yummy fairfood! A member in our ward owns this historic mansion that he gives tours in. So we teamed up with the Elders and some members of our ward and set up a little tent with Book of Mormons, pamphlets and info. We street contacted and talked to a ton of people for about an hour and half.... until we got in trouble. ooops. some guy came over and told us we had to stay on the members property and couldnt even be on the sidewalk.... that was a bummer. we think the country singer right across from us called and complained because we took away from his crowd and tip jar. hahaha.
But it was fun to street contact instead of tract door to door, and we got good exposure for the church!  

Yesterday was awesome! We had some members who have been less active coming back to church, and we went to visit an investigator we had lost contact with during the week to see if she was still interested. She is!! she just had some stuff come up and was busy. But she wants to come to church! We sat on her porch and read Alma 40 with her, because she has alot of concerns about what happens after we die. She loved it, and we are meeting with her again tonight. she is so prepared for this gospel and is just confused with what to know is true. I know she will be able to find out for herself that this is true!

Hope you all have a good week! 
Sister Sughroue

Monday, June 1, 2015

Week #40 - June 1st, 2015

Hey Everyone! 
HUMP DAY for the Mission!

This week was awesome! The Virginia Richmond Mission is receiving Ipads tomorrow, so Friday we had a mission Wide Training in Richmond! So we drove down with the Grovers ( a Senior couple) and spent most of our day just being richly fed and blessed by the trainings of Elder Zwick of the Seventy and Elder Hemmingway the director of Proselyting for the church!  It was the same training that Elder Clarke gave us at Temple Square when we received Ipads, but I felt so blessed to hear it twice and from two different Seventies! The training focused on the spiritual aspect of using technology and how we need to sanctify our hearts and become pure to use them without problems. So true! It was really powerful and motivated me in all aspects of missionary work, not just ipads. 

Mission Wide Conference with
Sister Johns and Sister Boheme 
We found a new investigator this week! We went to his house and he is big burly guy, I was kind of intimidated, but he is soooo nice! We taught him the restoration and he accepted baptism! After the lesson he told us it makes sense why the mormon missionaries go to peoples homes, so they can learn about this! haha Yesss thats exactly right! 

Wednesday we were walking out of a dinner appointment and a older couple in a car waved to us and motioned for us to come over! They were members who use to be mission president and Wife in finland a long time ago! She then told us her Dad was Ezra Taft Benson!!!! We were blown away, we just got to talk to a prophets daughter! She was sooo nice and just had such a strong spirit about her. She said, "He is looking down on you right now and is so proud and happy!" Perfect timing that we were able to meet her!

Saturday night we had planned to tract because lots of people were home, but I had an impression that we needed to go visit a less active in our ward. She is an elderly lady who we use to visit her but she showed no interest so we backed off
Dinner With the Haights!
There daughter is serving in
SLC Temple Square!
for a few weeks. When we got to her house she was sooo happy! She said she had been wondering why we haven't come by and missed us. She went on to tell us about some struggles her family has been going through and how unhappy some of her relatives are. As she was talking to them she realized the happiest time in  her life was when she was going to church, church people are happy. haha. That She needs that back in her life! It is so true that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the only way to true happiness!!!!

Hope you all have a good week! 

Much Love, 
Sister Sughroue