Monday, June 8, 2015

Week #41 - June 8th, 2015

Hello Everyone!

First off, shout out to Hailey Kofler for getting baptized! I am so happy for you and tears came to my eyes when I saw the pictures! I know this is Gods plan for you and that he loves you! The Book of Mormon and this restored gospel will bring you so much happiness in this life!  There will be a letter in the mail coming your way(:

This week everyone in this mission received Ipads at our zone meeting on tuesday except for me.... mine came in the mail from Temple Square a few days later. I am so happy i have it, its perfect for out here we show videos and pictures to people all the time. No one can really turn down a 3 minute video about Jesus Christ no matter what type of Christian you are.  We spent an hour and half at the apple store trying to fix sister kelloggs Ipad but because of all the restrictions on it by the church they couldn't do anything.... and they thought we were amish because we didn't have an iphone and can't have itunes. hahaha, i swear we are normal! hahaha We got a member to fix it super quick so all is well! 

I think the longer sister Kellogg are together the more we look alike.... people ask us all the time if we are Sisters, or twins!
We are the same height pretty much and dress the same, so i guess it works. We just say yes we are "Sisters" Sister Missionaries. lolz.  

On Saturday, We went to the historic downtown Occuquan arts and crafts festival. It was HUGE! packed, with lots of people and yummy fairfood! A member in our ward owns this historic mansion that he gives tours in. So we teamed up with the Elders and some members of our ward and set up a little tent with Book of Mormons, pamphlets and info. We street contacted and talked to a ton of people for about an hour and half.... until we got in trouble. ooops. some guy came over and told us we had to stay on the members property and couldnt even be on the sidewalk.... that was a bummer. we think the country singer right across from us called and complained because we took away from his crowd and tip jar. hahaha.
But it was fun to street contact instead of tract door to door, and we got good exposure for the church!  

Yesterday was awesome! We had some members who have been less active coming back to church, and we went to visit an investigator we had lost contact with during the week to see if she was still interested. She is!! she just had some stuff come up and was busy. But she wants to come to church! We sat on her porch and read Alma 40 with her, because she has alot of concerns about what happens after we die. She loved it, and we are meeting with her again tonight. she is so prepared for this gospel and is just confused with what to know is true. I know she will be able to find out for herself that this is true!

Hope you all have a good week! 
Sister Sughroue

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