Monday, June 15, 2015

Week #42 - June 15th, 2015

Hello (:

Sister Sughroue & Sister Johns
This week we had Sisters meeting in Richmond for all the sisters in our mission! It was a whole day  filled with trainings on how we can serve with all our Heart, Might, Mind and Strength! (D&C 4). It was a day we were able to be spiritually strengthened and edified, which is exactly what sisters need.... President Wilson totally gets it. hahah. There was lunch and a huge clothing exchange, where every one just comes with clothes they don't want and you can pick ones you like!

We found a new investigator this week, who is media head quarters referral. He is from Africa, and after going through a traumatic experience is really prepared for the gospel, and searching for something to fill his heart. It was funny to be on the other side of these referrals, because being at Temple  Square usually we are the ones taking the calls/chats sending these referrals out. But nothing beats seeing them in person!

Wednesday I went on Exchange with Sister Ketchum, my Sister Training Leader, in her area! It was fun, the sisters here are awesome and I just love learning from them! 

Sister Sughroue's Zone
I am just on top of the world! Our investigator Evelyn came to church yesterday! She came with her 2 year old little boy, who refused to to nursery but he was good in all out classes haha. He is so cute! The members in our ward are awesome, gave her a ride, made her feel so welcomed! She wants to come back too, we are just feel so blessed to be teaching with her. Sister Kellogg and I have been working on making sure everyone knows we love them and care for them, and once we started doing that with Evelyn we saw a huge difference. It's amazing how fast you can grow to love someone you just met. I love her and her little boy and my heart was full sitting by them at church on sunday. As a missionary you just love the people you teach so much you will do anything to help them receive the Gospel because you know how much it will bless their lives. President Wilson shared an insight on a scripture  at Sisters meeting that "Charity is the pure love of Christ" meaning that it is us purely loving our Savior Jesus Christ. And if we purely love him, and his atonement we will just naturally love and have that "charity" for others. I love that! It is so true! 

At church on Sunday a youth speaker didn't show up, so Bishop asked me right before to share my testimony. I ended up shedding a few tears because I just love the Woodbridge 2nd ward so much, it truly was an answer to my prayers and I only have a short time left. :( Anyways,  I shared 2 Nephi 5:27, "And it came to pass that we lived after the manner of
Sister Yost & Sister Sughroue
happiness." And the reason the Nephites at this time were living happily is because they built a temple and were living righteously! Its that simple, if we want to live in true and lasting happiness we just need to live the gospel of Jesus Christ and and our loving Father in Heaven is so eager to bless us and guide us along the way. I am so grateful for this Gospel and the happiness it really does bring me. The more I understand the gospel and come closer to my Savior the happier I am.   
Hope you have all have an amazing week!

Much love, 
Sister Sughroue

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