Monday, June 22, 2015

Week #43 - June 22nd, 2015


Nothing huge happened this week so I guess I'll just give you some highlights!
Sister's P-Day
On monday we went to Leeslyvania Beach for Sisters Pday and had a picnic, which was fun besides the crazy humidity and heat. On Tuesday we spent most of our day finding, and weren't having much luck so we decided too just drive and turn when we felt like it to see where we ended up. We found a little nieghborhood of town homes and felt really good about being there. We only planned to be there for about 20 minutes, but after talking to a few people we both felt that we should stay. We ended up tracting the whole thing and met a lot of people! This was a miracle!!! We know have some potentials to work with. The spirit truly directed us there. When one lady answered the door she started crying, because she was so happy we came and feels that God sent us to strengthen her. She is catholic and has a big family, we  plan to go back and share the gospel with all of them! 

Thursday we had a Tri Zone Meeting with Elder Perkins from the Seventy, it pretty much lasted all day and was AMAZING. Talk about a spiritual feast, I just soaked it all in! I
Tri-Zone Meeting
learned so much and they trained on so much I can't even begin to tell everything. One of my favorite things he had us do was write down 2 questions at the beginning, by coming to a meeting with questions it shows you want to receive spritual revelation and you will be more receptive to answers! And my 2 questions were answered! If you think about it, almost all revelation in Scriptures started with a question! Nephi, Mary, Brother of Jared, Joseph Smith and so many more! Maybe try it out for church, you will see what a difference it makes!                                                                            

Oh the bugs!
On Friday we made cookies with a member to take to our investigators and people we teach! We then had a lesson with Eric. When we first got there he was tired and kind of not in the best mood, we started to teach the Restoration and he was not all that into it. Then we started teaching about Joseph Smith and recited the 1st vision. And bore our testimonies...After that he changed! The spirit was so strong that it woke him up and he became super engaged and wanted to really know more about him and the Book of Mormon. The power of the experience Joseph Smiths experience is so real! 
This weekend was stake conference. 

Hermana Sprunt & Sister Sughroue
On Sister's P-Day
Saturday at the adult session our ward council acted out a mock example one to everyone, Luckily Bishop didn't call on me so I didn't say anything. hahah. Sunday Eveyln didn't come to church. Which is a huge bummer because now she can't get baptized before I leave on July 8th :( I will just have to skype it at temple Square. But we know she will still be baptized!  

Well thats about it. Just working hard out here in Woodbridge. Staying hydrated and getting eaten alive by bugs. But don't worry I love it! haha

Sister Sughroue                    

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