Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Week #50 - August 11th, 2015

Hello (:

This week Sister Eging and I found a sweet spot on temple square.... the Priesthood statues, the best. We just linger around there and then ask people if they would like us to tell them the "history" of this statue...bam gotcha, we teach the restoration. A great way to find new investigators!  

Our people are doing good, 4 of our investigators went to church this past week... some having been going to church forever but they just need to resolve some concerns and committ to baptism. A great lesson in patience and love, they will get there(:  MIRACLE THIS WEEK: Carlos finally met the local missionaries.... wait it gets better... His Wife and 5 children (all over the age of 8) are starting lessons with them too! Most of his kids went to church with him this past week and loved it, they will be going back! Ahhhh helping families is the best! We are praying they will all be able to enter the waters of baptism together (: 

On top of the Conference Center!
Mask Party! We have to look our best
at all times, according to Abby Fox!
At the Cemetery!
This week I got to go on exchange with Sister Skaggs because she is my district leader.... aka sleep over! So much fun! Learned alot from her because she is such an awesome missionary. This last Pday we did a Zone Scavenger hunt all over Salt Lake City. We went up to the Capitol, Ensign Peak, the cemetery where all the prophets and prominent church leaders are burried, and some more places. We had to serve someone everywhere we went. We were at this park and looking for someone to serve... I saw a wedding reception being set up across the street so we ran over and talked to the people outside asking if we can help with anything. They were members and thought it was awesome we wanted to help, so filled up the water and
The wedding reception
we helped set up
lit candles for them hahaha. The Bride was an RM and talked with us for a bit! Later  we went back to eat dinner and have a spiritual meeting. Sister Eging, Sister Chazen (from south africa) and I were asked to do the musical number. So we made up a rap about prophets.... don't worry the Zone leaders knew... it was suprise to everyone else though hahaha. We all worked together to make it up during the week. Just using the talents God gave us to share the gospel in unique ways.... we need to get it approved by president to rap in the Tab... what a dream. just kidding.  I'll include it at the end and try to send the video. (The video is posted on Facebook) Ignore how awkward I am... White and a missionary should explain that. 

That pretty much sums up the week. The work is progressing here at Temple Square. Next week is transfers, we are pretty positive I will stay with Sister Eging to finish training, and I love her so much and we have a lot of more work to do to help the people we are teaching. 

Have a great week!
Much love, 
Sister Sughroue
 P.S.  awkward/ super funny moment. We were serving in beehive and a wedding reception was going on behind at the lion
Sister Skaggs & I decide
to crash the wedding!
house. which is always weird because we can see the whole thing and the blasting music is heard as we give tours but anyways. We were trying to figure out a way how we could get cake as we creeped out the back window, so depserate. Then I realized the groom was in my ward at BYU I and I knew him hahahaha so weird. Only when your serving at Temple Square. We still didn't get any cake. 

Sister Eging wrote this below: "Then. Came. The. Rap. 
Never had anyone seen such a rap performed. They had only heard of it. But that day we did the impossible. We rapped of the prophets. Enclosed is a video of said rap lyrics:

You know Moses and Noah
Abraham too
All prophets of God
but what did they do?
Received revelation for the church here on Earth
prophecyn of Christ
His death and His birth
prophets say what say what x2
So Christ came down spread the word
gave his apostles
to act and teach, baptize in His name
but the people rejected
and Earth wasn't the same
prophets x2 You get the gist
My man J Smith was so confused
What happened to the priesthood?
why was it removed?
So he knelt down on his knees to pray 
to Heavenly beings appeared in a ray
OF LIGHT and said to him
no, none of the churches are true,
but we can know for ourselves in the Book that is Blue
Prophet uh huh
So we up here on the square
preachin the gospel makin people aware
we stand in the tab(ernacle)  to testify
that prophets are back to lead and guide
wait hold up you have a question?
No. My dad doesn't have thirty wives.


You could say it was a hit. Especially after other sisters had just shared the spiritual thought.
But its all good. The Sisters recovered. At first it was mostly shock but I think once they got used to the idea of white mormon girls rapping it was smooth sailing."

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