Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Week #51 - August 18th, 2015 "BEST SURPRISE EVER!"

Sister Eging & Sister Sughroue
Hello (:
Karlie Surprised me!
(Karlie is my friend from
high school who got
baptized the day before
I got my mission call!)

       We have Transfers tomorrow! Sister Eging and I are staying
together to finish up training! YAYYYY! Love her so much we just have
a blast together, work hard and see miracles all the time!
Our new assignment is "west gate" we basically are in charge of tours
and scheduling and texting it all out to the mission... kind of hard
to explain. We will both be new at this assignment, now I've served in
every assignment! I will miss the Beehive house because it was so much
fun giving tours and putting to rest all the crazy rumors people hear
about us. hahaha We still have tuesday P DAY.

  Our investigators are making progress. All on their way to baptism.
Doris gets baptized!

We are planning for 4 to be baptized this transfer and we know they
can make it! One is on date for July 5th and we couldn't be happier
for her, she has come a long way and is now ready to make this

On Saturday I got permission to go to dinner with Sister Casas and
Hannah Nolen from my ward back home! We went to the Garden and I tried
Sister Casas, Hannah Nolen
& Sister Sughroue

Fried Pickles for the first time! Super yummy! Sister Casas was our
young womens leader so it was fun to catch up, and see how much all of
us have grown! Yesterday we were sitting in the food court and I hear
some one call my name, look behind and its KARLIE KELLY! Best surprise
ever!!!! Ahhhh I missed her! Tyler came with her and we were able to
show her around temple square, which is very special because it was
her fu! So blessed to have friends like that in my life!

That's pretty much sums up the week! Hope you have a good one!

Love you!
Sister Sughroue

Friends with an
Eternal Bond!

Sister Sughroue &
Sister Eging

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