Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Week #65 - November 23rd, 2015

Sister Vasi & Sister Sughroue
Power of Prayer was reaffirmed to Sister Vasi and I this week, we both lost our flash drives with all our mission pictures on it, and found them!!! I also found my lost water bottle, I lose everything but whats new... prayers are always answered! 

      It is starting to get chilly here... sweater weather!!! The Lights turn on the day after Thanksgiving and we are sooo excited. The missionary department came over and gave us a sneek peek of the new Christmas initiative videos.... you will love them stay tuned they should be coming out this week! Families in a stake near by signed up to have Sisters come over for thanksgiving dinner, they put the list up this week for us to see where we will be eating. Sister Vasi and I were assigned to Elder Sitati's home!!! He is from Kenya and in the first Quorum of the Seventy, and spoke to us while we were in the MTC, We are stoked! He lives super close to Temple Square. We aren't sure if we will have an African style food thanksgiving or american but I will let you know next week! We are kind of scared to give him a spiritual thought.... hahaha.  

    This week we had  Zone Leader  mission council with President Poulsen. I love it
Goodbye to limiting ourselves!
but sometimes stressful, too many opinions to many sisters, hahaha. But we decided on a baptismal mission Goal to end this year with. We had about 800 baptisms last week, and our goal is to reach 900 as a whole mission. We know we can reach and even exceed this goal. We are giving a mission wide Gift to the Savior...900 of our brothers and Sisters entering the Waters of baptism, so they can return to live with him. The mission is so excited about this, we have a tree poster that fills up as we get closer and closer to our goal, we send out mission wide texts every time someone gets baptized with their name, place and #OurGift. We have already seen so many miracles. When President Announced it to the mission, he invited all the Sisters who were 100% committed to work their hardest to come up and sign their name on the white board, and we all flooded up there! 

Sister Vasi and I prepared all week for Zone Training Meeting, it was amazing, the spirit was strong. We focused on reaching our full potential, and leaving behind the things that limit us as missionaries. We can see miracles, do extraordinary things! We shared the story of Robert Bannister... he ran the first under 4 minute mile in the world. Everyone
Giving our Hearts to our Savior
Zone Training Meeting
thought it was impossible for a human being to do, but once they saw he could, thousands of others have accomplished the same thing.Sisters just need to be reminded sometimes, that we are the only ones that limit ourselves. "And whether we think we can or we can't we are right". As missionaries we limit ourselves, thinking no one will answer their door, we can only get 1 baptism, or have x amount of lessons. But that is only us limiting ourselves, when we rely on the Lord we can exceed far beyond what we ever imagined.So we focused on Jesus Christ calling the Disciples to be fishers of men, and asking them to leave behind their nets, he needed to disciples forever. And they left behind what was comfortable and easy, but through leaving that behind they were able to become what the Lord needed them to be. We showed a powerful Elder Holland Video that explains this, which brings almost everyone to tears. Then we gave all the sisters 2 hearts, on one we asked them to write down the things that are keeping them from reaching their full potential, then on the other we wrote down what we wanted to give the Savior to be unlimited. We all came up ripped up the bad one up and threw it in the trash, kissing those bad things behind. Then we knelt down in prayer as a zone and committed to the Lord! Every single sister felt the spirit. We left inspired, renewed and ready to give our all.  18 months is so short, the only time we have to dedicate all our time, talents and efforts to serve the Lord.  

Sister Vasi and I started the transfer with one person on date for baptism and now we have 5 of Gods children preparing to
Sometimes you just need
5 pounds of Redvines!
make this next step! Wish I could share all these miracles, but one of them is probably the most amazing experiences I have had on my mission! Which was the lesson we had with Micah on Friday! This is a combo of my and Sister Vasi's email because she wrote it already, hahaha 

  We got to go to Janna's home, she lives in apartments near by so it's perfect, we just walked there.When we walk up in the house, we wanted to find out if they were living together. It was a relief when Micah said he lived somewhere else haha. :) they are such a cute funny couple, I love them. We walked in and they are still prepping the yummy food. They were making some Mac and cheese, Micah makes the best Mac and cheese, it's amazing. We felt so blessed and spoiled.  That is when he starts talking about his background story. He was a Jew, there a different sects he explained and his sect was that they just believe that Christ was a prophet.  It's crazy how surprised we were when he began telling his story about how he came to know that Jesus is the Christ! We had called Janna before the appointment over the phone and she told us that he is a literal scriptorium for the Bible! She was right, he told us he's read the New Testament around 60-100 times. Read the full bible around 25 times. He knows his stuff! We were a little nervous in the beginning because we hardly know anything in the bible. We thought he would bring up so much deep doctrine that the bible states or contradicts to what we believe, but he never did, he just said that the gospel make sense. He brought up how everything that the church talks about is what he believed already. He said that he's gone to many different churches trying to find truth, trying to seek what's right, I thought of Joseph smith when he was telling his story. My testimony was strengthened as we sat and listened to him testify. He told us he knows with out a doubt that angel appeared to Joseph Smith and he is a prophet... I think you know what happens next,  he accepted baptism!!! After we were done we ran back to the elevators jumping for joy, couldn't hold in how happy we were! It was amazing the spirit was so strong and present with us. Felt like we were on top of the world! It was insane. Micah is literally the most prepared person we have ever taught in our 1 year and 2 months we have been out. This email doesn't adequately describe it! 

Sorry this is so long, but I just felt like I needed to share these experiences!  Hope you can be strengthened from
Don't be too scared!
them as well.

I give my farewell talk in the Temple Square Ward this sunday.... can't believe its already my turn. Yikes! (Sisters usually speak a few months before they go home)



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