Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Week #68 - December 15th, 2015 - TRANSFERRRRRRS

Hello Friends and Family,

SIster Vasi & Sister Sughroue wish you a Merry Christmas!
Winter has come! Salt Lake City got dumped on these past couple days, it never stops
Winter has come!
Photo creds. to
Reed Woll
(Mom's cousin & Security
at Temple Square)
snowing.... the snow ball fights have begun....the square was flooded this week with every youth group in utah, 14 year olds running around everywhere, asking sister missionaries for their emails and hitting on them. Props for being really confident, but no. We also have had our meals bought for us 3 times in 3 days we are so blessed! I have never had my food paid for so much by members until I was comps with Sister Vasi, she has the secret touch. Hahaa its ridiculous how much it happens.
Sister Sughroue & Sister Vasi
  Yesterday we had transfer conference and got the big news! My new companion is Sister Weidmann from Switzerland! She is amazing!!! I was so excited when I found out! We were roommates last christmas and now we are companions! She was a District Leader in our Zone last transfer too! We will be Zone Leaders over EAST 1 zone, so staying in the beehive house! I rather be in there than outside most of the day so no complaints. haha. Plus it gives us a chance to get security back for scaring us the other night, payback. hahaha
     My P-day is still Tuesday! Sister Vasi will be training, lets just say its gonna be a rough break up We are the best of friends, and have gotten so close. But the great thing about missions is you become best friends with all your companions and from all over the world too! I grateful for each one of my companions and the time in my mission I was with them, that is exactly what I needed! So Sister Weidmann and I will be doing work, work, work this transfer and I can't wait to see what God has in store! 
Gilberto's baptism!
 On Saturday we drove Sister Vasquez and Jarvi to their investigators baptism! Gilberto and his whole family was baptized! It was in Spanish, I could understand them some! The spirit was so strong! I will send a pic! Perks about being American is you get to drive the  other sisters to their baptisms! 
     The biggest lesson I learned this past week was the importance of having the spirit with you. About 2 weeks ago we met an inactive return missionary, with his girlfriend who is not a member, our first contact with them was amazing, he was brought to tears, as he felt the spirit so strongly. We spoke with him about his mission, what he learned and taught people and how God needs him back. He agreed for us to help him and meet with him this week. This week he was touched again, as we focused on the
The Downing's stopped by
to say hi!
atonement and the ability to change. During our conversation he told us that for years missionaries have come by  and he just told them to leave. He said, "I have never met missionaries that walk with the spirit like you two do”.  Sister Vasi and I were almost brought to tears. He told us the only reason he agreed to meet with us again, is because he felt the spirit so strongly the first time we met and wanted that again. As missionaries we are nothing without the spirit, we can not change lives or hearts, the spirit does. The spirit is the one who converts, so if we don’t have it, we can’t help the
Sister Vasquez 1st time at
Lord with his work. I believe the reason that the spirit is so strong when we teach him is because we genuinely love him and care to get to know him, the essence of the gospel is love. People can feel if it is real or not, they can tell if you are a missionary just going through the motions or if you genuinely care about them. When we love them, they are able to feel the Saviors love for them, and then their hearts begin to soften and change.
     On a funny note. We met Jesus this week. I’ll explain. We have been seeing this inactive homeless guy hanging around temple square, he is in his late 20’s. The first time we met he was drinking beer by the reflection pool, and I told him to throw it out, committed him to read the Book of Mormon, then we said a prayer with him. Haha. We ran into him this week sitting by the temple, got into a good gospel conversation when sister Vasi asked him what he felt his purpose in life
Adam & Makenzie came by
to see the lights, & me!
is, he said “To atone for the sins of Jerusalem”  My eyes got big, I was so confused. Sister Vasi said, “Don’t you feel Jesus Christ already did that?” He said in all seriousness, “I am Jesus Christ.” Ahhhhhh!!!! I was so creeped out, the spirit was gone. And we both felt so weird. He went on about how his mission on earth is done and he is just waiting to go back… I didn’t know what to say so I told him to talk to his bishop and seek professional help. Hahahaha. Then we got out of there as fast as could. We just laughed and couldn’t believe what happened. I am not sure if he was trying to mess with us or if he is legitimately crazy.
Zone Conference Christmas
Party, Thanks mom!
  That pretty much sums up our week. I get to skype on Christmas next week, crazy that its already here! Love you all!!!!

P.S. This next week will be great, we are hearing from Lynn G. Robins on Friday and Elder Rasband and his wife (the new apostle) on Sunday in our ward!


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