Friday, January 9, 2015

Week #20 - January 9th, 2015


To start off the week we had a miracle from fasting! Sister Chen and I fasted for our investigators that they would have a greater desire to be baptized and progress. We got an email from Belgianka and she said that 6 members in her family now want to be baptized on January 31st! She has progressed so much in this past month.. at first she was afraid to be baptized without the support of her family but we have been encouraging her  to move forward in faith and her family will be blessed by her example and follow for a month now!  We had been really emphasizing how important it is for them to pray as a family about being baptized  and now  Belgianka, Stella, Larissa, there two little brothers and sister in law are all preparing for the end of the month! The parents are also learning but are just progressing a little slower. The gospel of Jesus Christ really does bless families! They are about to make the first step by being baptized.... and we have faith that they will one day be sealed together as well! 
South Zone #1 Activity -
Movie night
"Meet the Mormons"

We have been blessed this past week with potential investigators! We were assigned to open and close the movie "Meet the Mormons" last night in the JSMB  and we got there a little early before it got out and met Karissa who was waiting in the lobby with her adorable but loud 3 year old. We just started talking to her found out she wasn't a member but her husbands family is.... she likes the church but it has just never been a priority in their family. She wanted to stay in contact with us so we invited her to come back to Temple Square to bring her family and meet with us. No matter what assignment we have at Temple Square the Lord will always put people in our path. 

O and remember the girl from Haiti who lied to me and told me her brother was the non member and that whole long story.... well we got a hold of her and laughed about the whole thing and we have an appointment with her this week(:
Every week Sister Chen and I have made it a goal to study and work on a Christlike Attribute. This week we are working on Knowledge! I love studying the scriptures! We have been studying the New testament this past week and Sister Chen is so smart so I feel blessed to be her companion I learn something new everyday! We also have had many experiences on the square that have helped us gain a greater understanding of the gospel.
Movie Night
"Meet the Mormons"

Today we are going hiking to Ensign peak as a zone because it is in the 40's so in utah thats warm... then we will eat food of coarse because I am driving.... most likely mexican. 

On Tuesday we went to cheese cake factory to celebrate Sister Richarsons birthday, yes serving at Temple Square has its perks. 

That is pretty much my week! Life is real good when you are preaching the gospel you know to be true and love! 

Sister Sughroue

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