Friday, January 16, 2015

Week #21 - January 16th, 2015

Sister Sughroue & Temple Square Sisters
Hiking Ensign Peak
Sister Tiritilli & Sister Sughroue
Temecula Crew
Well life at Temple Square is just dandy. We are in the last week of this transfer and alot of changes are about to happen! In this mission things are constantly changing.  First off, Sister Chen found out she is going outbound to San Antonio, Texas and leaves next Wednesday, I am going to miss her! I have learned more Chinese and President Poulsen served in Taiwan so he speaks Mandarin. The newest thing she taught me to say was "Hello President, you look pretty". He was impressed.... and laughed and was very grateful for the sincere compliment(:  a haha

Sister Sughroue
Hiking Ensign Peak
They are starting to send sisters outbound earlier so I might go in 6  or 12 weeks.... we will see! But I love it here on Temple Square and Sister Chen! I am going to miss Sister Tiritilli who is about to come home to the rest of you in Temecula :( I get to drive her to the airport though!! Sister Chen has taught me so much this transfer about faith and trusting in the Lord, and that fry sauce fixes everything. Yup, I have never ate so much fry sauce in my life.... if something doesn't have enough flavor she just squirts fry sauce on it... on anything! hahahah it might look strange but it super good. She is so funny. We have  till next Wednesday together so we are gonna finish strong! 
Sister Sughroue & Sister Desjourdy from Quebec

Last P day we went and hiked Ensign Peak as a zone, we basically were trudging through mud the whole way up and slid the way down but it was so much fun! The Sisters in my zone are all such characters. We were singing the Lion King song and trying to get Sister Sonku from South Africa to sing it because that is her language... It was interesting i will send the video! hahaha.

Sister Sughroue's District
Ensign Peak
Belgianka and her family are still on date for the 31st of January! Her parents are originally from Romania and don't speak english very well  and the local missionaries and us do not speak Romanian so we have found a Return missionary from romania that will hopefully be able to help us communicate with her parents better so they can have a better understanding of the Gospel! 

Sister Sughroue's District
Ensign Peak
We have been working with a lot of less actives lately.... a ton. They all have slighty drifted for various reasons and timing but end up at Temple Square. They come to find answers, feel the spirit and actually a lot of them when we ask say they do not know why they came they just felt like they should... and then thats when we say well duhhh thats the spirit! They have lost their way and have lost the happiness that comes from the Gospel of Jesus Christ. But it is amazing to see them begin to recognize that, and they begin to thirst and hunger for the Gospel even more. And come back even stronger, they have felt the absent of the spirit in there life and now they always want it! But it requires change.... which is hard and takes diligent faith and time. Sometimes all of us may feel that we can not change or we often say "that it just the way we are" ( I am guilty of this)... but we can change! The Savior Jesus Christ Atoned for our sins so we can constantly repent and become better and whenever we say that is just the way we are we are denying that gift of repentance which enable us to change....We always need to change and try to become more like our Savior everyday. And no matter what mistakes we have made his arms will be open inviting us to come unto him.  Alma 5:33, "Behold, he sendeth an invitation unto all men, for the arms of mercy are extended towards them, and he saith: Repent, and I will receive you." It is now a goal of mine to never say, " Thats just the way I am" to justify a bad habit or anything! But to accept the invitation of our Savior Jesus Christ and come unto him. 
Sister Chen & Sister Sughroue
Ensign Peak

I might not have p day next week depending if My p day changes for the next transfer so we will see! But I next time I write I will give you an update on all the new changes for the next transfer!

Have a Good week!
Much love! 

Sister Sughroue

Our recent convert Nick sent us this! This shows how inspired chat is and how missionaries at Temple Square are able to work with the local missionaries to help people come unto Christ! I am so glad we were able to continue teaching nick over the phone after he initially came on, I just begin to think of all the thousands who have come onto chat with a similar experience as Nick but we do not know what happened... I know the Lord has provided a way  for those children too and I am positive many of them have entered the waters of baptism as well! 

Nick at his baptism!
Nick's conversion told by His Elder Keefe the one who taught him in the Ukraine! 

 "*Well, I am just amazed with this week and how the Lord has truly blessed my companion and I. We have just come from an amazing last week with our best friend being baptized and already have an amazing investigator who will soon make the commitment to be baptized. And this week the Lord, in His infinite love, sent us yet another one of his prepared children to teach.* *This came with our new investigator. So we first met about 3-4 weeks ago when he came to the church to get a copy of the Book of Mormon for his friend, but he wouldn’t give us his number at the time. We didn’t see him after that until this last Sunday. I saw him walk in and just go sit down in sacrament by himself at the end of the row. He looked a little nervous to be there. So naturally, I decided to go and talk to him and help him feel more welcome at the branch. As I started to talk with him, he started to tell me his story of how he was there today. As he told me, I was blown away by his story of faith and determination. So it turns out he was found through our English class about a year ago and he came every time for a couple weeks as he put it "for the spiritual thought not for the English". He came for a long time, just for those 15 minutes at the end of English when we do our spiritual thought, so he could learn more and feel the spirit.* *But then after a while, he stopped coming and started a year of what he called finding out his desires. He literally spent an entire year researching and deciding if he really wanted to join with our church. Just this last week, he decided to come and join the church. So he first went on and chatted with a sister missionary who recommended that he come to church this week and talk to the missionaries here. So that is exactly what he did and right after church we met with him and he shared with us his story. So right then and there we set a baptism date for the 21st of December and set up our action plan to his baptism. And oh was he so happy when he found out that after all this time he could be baptized! Just this whole experience that we had with him really shows me how much the Lord's hand was in his life this past year leading and guiding him to the truth. This whole experience has greatly increased my testimony that the Lord is in every aspect of our lives and all we need to do is to try to find Him and His will in our lives and He will guide us. I pray that we all may seek the Lord's will and do everything in our power to align with it, and become who He has intended we become.I love all of you so much, Have a great week!-Elder Keefe" 

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