Monday, January 26, 2015

Week #22 - January 26th, 2015

Hello Family and Friends(:

Announcing for "Music & The Spoken Word"
Sister Sughroue &
Sister Sindylkova
So yes my new P-day is Monday yayyy! I got a new companion.... nope she isn't Chinese or Asian,.. her name is Sister Sindylkova from the Czech Republic! She is 19 and came right of high school. She is so sweet and a really hardworking missionary. She has been out for about 3 months, Oh and she looks exactly like the girl in the movie "The Bridge to Terebithia" ( I forgot her name)!  I think that the language in Czech is harder than Chinese!  O Hoy means hello! She is still working on learning English, I am a really good teacher (; ....we try to do 3 new words a day. I taught her "cool beans" and "chill dude". She loves saying "cool beans" now.... all the time. So funny.  What did I do.... ahahah. She has such a strong spirit she carries with her and loves missionary work!  We actually just went to lunch with a Professor from BYU who interviewed her about the church in Czech Republic. Her parents joined in secret when it was still communism and are a huge part in helping the church grow over there. The Czech Republic is the most athiest country... Modern Day pioneers, so amazing! 

Saying Good-bye to
Sister Gee &
Sister Tiritilli
So last Wednesday was a wierd day Sister Chen left for Texas and Sister Gee and Sister Tiritilli, my mission big sisters, went home.... a few tears were shed, I will miss them so much. They both were examples to me of amazing missionaries who gave their all to the Lord. They really impacted my mission and helped me see the type of missionary I hope to become. I wouldn't mind if either of them married into my family.... so good thing I have a brother and lots of guy cousins. (; So many good times and many more to come, that is what is so special about the Temple Square Mission we are constantly surrounded by all the missionaries in our mission so we get soooo close.

This transfer should be great one! Sister Sindylkova and I are Member Event Coordinators and are serving at Welfare Square to give tours on Tuesday.... so we get BYU Creamery chocolate milk and cheese(: We are in charge of putting on and organizing the youth conferences here at Temple Square, it is based off the "Living Christ" document and is powerful. 

Update.... I am getting better at basketball we started to all play again in the morning for
Sister Sindylkova & Sister Sughroue
work out, and because we are all from different countries there are a million different rules and ways to play so it is hilarious.  It's more of an ab workout from all the laughing. 

Belgianka and her family are still on date to be baptized this weekend. Her parents have been giving her a hard time about getting baptized lately and she struggles to get to church but is determined to be baptized. She knows this is how she will be the happiest, she reads the Book of Mormon knows it is true and completely understands this is all part of Gods plan for her! She is amazing. 
Saying Good-bye to
Sister Gee

Saying Good-bye to
Sister Tiritilli
We witnessed a change of heart Yesterday. A few weeks ago as we were walking home in a hurry at night, I said hi to this couple in there 20's and just asked if it was their first time at Temple Square, the guy said Yes... because we were in a rush I straight up just asked if he wanted to keep in touch so we could help him learn more about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and he said YES! He has come to the square the past 3 Sundays for us to teach him the lessons. He told us the first time he came he had no intentions to join the church or be baptized and just loves learning about all religions. I asked him what he had been searching for in all these different religions and why he hasn't stuck with one, he said he just wanted to know his purpose! We taught him the plan of salvation and could see that he felt the spirit and really wanted to know if this was true, but he still had this wall up. Last night when we met with him he shared with us that he he is at a difficult place in his life trying decide what kind of life he wants to live and  who he wants to become and he really wants to know if this church is true. He wants to find his faith in Christ and follow him. As he shared this with us the spirit was so strong and I recognized that he has had a change of heart, and because of that he is receptive to the spirit and now prepared to search for the truth! 

The Lord is blessing us with many oppurtunities to share about our Savior Jesus Christ  all the time. At one of our meetings one of the Sisters talked about not going through the mission but letting the mission go through you. I am here for 18 months, I do not want to just go with the flow but really change to become the person my Father in Heaven wants me to be. This is not an easy process but  it is defineitly worth it. I know when we are humble enough to let the Lord direct, guide and change us that is when we can be the happiest and reach our full potential. 

Much Love!

Sister Sughroue

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  1. So...who's the sister from suomi? Granted she was probably in primary when me and Jason were there!