Monday, February 2, 2015

Week #23 - February 2nd, 2015

Dear Family and Friends, 
       Well it has been just another great week! Sister Sindylkova and are working really hard, and I love her so much! We
Sister Leavitt & Sister Sughroue
have a great time together and she is just an awesome companion! This was just a weird week with lots of unexpected things happening to our investigators but the Lord is by their side constantly and has provided a way, even though it is not what we had planned the Lords plan always ends up being so much better  (: haha

So Belgianka and her family (they live in Ireland) were not able to make it to church the past week because of a cultural celebration with family.... their baptismal date is now pushed back 2 weeks. But she and her siblings are still determined to be baptised and they are growing stronger testimonies and faith everyday. We were a bit concerned about her parents because they don't speak english they don't understand everything when the missionaries come over and it causes confusion and we were not sure if they completely supported their kids. We were blessed in finding a Romanian Member Present who could call over the phone with us to speak with her parents. He was able to answer all their questions and concerns. After the lesson they were completely supportive and plan on going to church with their kids next week! We found out they love the Church and are so happy their kids found God. Member presents are the best.... The French sisters have been using Tyler to help teach some investigators over the phone and they are so grateful! 

Last night we had an interesting experience, it was 5:30, so we had 30 min until we had to go eat dinner. There was a tour waiting for a while so we decided that we could give a 30 min tour. We ended up taking a Mother and daughter and the fiance of the daughter. The mom and daughter are very less active and the fiance is from Turkey and he is not a member. It was a very interesting group and we could tell the Mom looked very uncomfortable and something was a little off.  We took them on a great tour with where the spirit was very present and we taught the restoration down in the scripture and revelation area. The Non-member ended up being very receptive and wanted to learn more, he referred and we went to go get him a Book of Mormon. When we came back the daughter had explained that her Mom was going through a hard time and suffering mentally from some things... she asked if there was anyway she could get a blessing. We of coarse said yes! But then when we went to find someone we were worried that the senior couples had already gone home because it was so late. As we walked over to make a phone call we caught Elder Bradshaw (one of the full-time senior missionaries here) as he was walking out the door to the north visitor Center, such a miracle! He came and talked with the family and we found out a lot more about their situation and struggles. It was very apparent the mother had deep psych problems and the daughter had a very rough past. Elder Bradshaw ended up giving the mother and daughter both blessings. They left Temple Square changed from when they came, they had experienced the undeniable power of the priesthood. We hopefully will be meeting with them on the square later this week to teach the fiance from turkey. I am just so grateful for the priesthood, and the worthy men who hold it. I know that it was a tender mercy from the Lord that we were able to catch Elder Bradshaw and that the family was greatly impacted from the spirit they felt at Temple Square.

Sister Sindylkova and are continuing to work hard to find more people to teach! The Square has picked up a little bit lately! 
Sister Sughroue & Sister Sindylkova

The Picture is of Sister Leavitt and I. We go on exchange in the mornings during the week while our comps are in English class! Love her!

Love you all Have a good week! 

-Sister Sughroue

This next part is for the Rancho California Ward to the youth who asked questions about missions! I am so happy to answer all these! Thank you for writing about yourselves, glad to hear the sun is still shining and everyone is doing good in Temecula!
·         What is one of your most memorable/ best experience so far?
          -Nick 18 year old from the Ukraine came onto chat for some simple questions... called him taught him about the Book of Mormon and invited him to go to church the next sunday. He started to meet with the missionaries in the Ukraine and we continued to teach him... he was baptized about 6 weeks later and is now a worthy aaronic and melchizedek priesthood holder! 
·         Have you run into any "unfriendly" people so far?
           -This one made me laugh... we run into Anti's all the time.... they make me laugh and I am grateful because they strengthen my testimony! They are friends of other faiths and we love them, because we are all brothers and sisters!
·         What was the most frightening thing that you have experienced on your mission?
             -Well I like to think I am in the safest mission ever, we have security guards and  cameras constantly patrolling Temple Square. So probably me slipping on ice during Christmas time. Michael Price can probably has a better answer to that one. 
·         What's the most exciting thing that has happened to you on your mission?
        -Watching my investigators be baptized and come into the fold of God! Words can not describe how special it is to watch someone progress from the first contact to baptism! and O David Archeletta came to our mission for a fireside! 
·         What is the hardest thing to teach on your mission to your investigators?
               -Keeping the Sabbath Day Holy.... For some reason people have a really hard time making church a priority over the super bowl and birthday parties 
·         How did you prepare mentally and physically for your mission even a year ahead?
               -Seminary is a great preparation for waking up early! Take full advantage of it!
·         How has the mission changed?
            -Everything is constantly changing every 6 weeks in my mission, new companion new assignments.
·         What has been the worst thing you have had to eat?
        -Chicken Feet.... with toe nails still on. 
·         How do you think you have grown or what changes have you made in your life?
           - I am focused on making all my goals and priorities in life aligned with the Lords will, I know if I follow his plan for me that's when I will be the happiest. I feel that I have become more spiritually mature and am constantly desiring to grow. 
·         What would you say to a YM or YW that is not sure if they should go on a mission or not?  
           -Go with Nike.... just do it. Make your decision and pray for the comfort and reassurance! Sometimes the Lord needs you to take a giant leap of faith! It is the best 2 years for your life. 
·         What has been the hardest thing so far on your mission?
         -Going through the Refiners fire.... on Temple Square we meet all sorts of people. People come here to argue with the church and ask all sorts of questions from every angle. At first it was hard because I didn't know all the answers, but I put my trust in the Lord. I have come to gain a stronger testimony from all the adversity. 
·         What is your favorite food?
           -Lion house rolls right up the street! The Sisters get them for free...shhhhh (;
·         What was your best spiritual experience?
        -I really can't pick one, but my companion and I had the experience of meeting a special needs women on the square and taught her how to pray to God for the first time in her life. Tears came down her face as she said the most simple prayer, the spirit was so strong and I knew that Heavenly Father heard her! And she felt his love and comfort in that moment. 
·         Who has been your favorite character you've met on the mission so far?
There are a ton of funny stories but one is when my companion and I were walking through the square and just simply said hi to this man who was all by himself, he immediately threw his hands in the air and started to scream "I have already been saved" over and over as he quickly walked away.. we just could not help but laugh. 

Sister Sughroue

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