Monday, February 16, 2015

Week #25 - February 16th, 2015

Hiiiiiiii everyone!
Sister Sindylkova  & Sister Sughroue
Matching Valentine's Day Scarves!
Happy Valetines Day!!!
 Temple Square has been a little busier lately with the roots tech conference with and all these gross couples coming to stare at the temple and kiss.... blehhhh. So cliche. The worst is when couples propose right behind Sisters contacting on the square hahahah so awkward for the visitor trying to learn about the restoration when there is a girl screaming and crying behind him because they got engaged lolzzz..
This week was super busy and awesome!
On Tuesday My Companion, Sister Jensen and Sister Guidi went a ward in West Jordan to speak at a young women and relief society activity! We got lost and ended up at another church building and those members sent us in the opposite direction.... of coarse. We finally got there and we ate waffles, the theme was "Don't Waffle on your Testimony!" We focused on bearing testimony and member missionary work, it was awesome! They all wrote their testimonies in Book of Mormons for us to pass out on the Square. Missionary Work is way more successful with members, and as members of the Church this is our duty!  When we pass out these BOM's the members testimony is the first thing the person looks at and it touches their heart.  Sister Hewerd is the RS President who invited us, she and I met my first transfer when she brought Jordan a boy we have been teaching on and off to the square! She is amazing(:
Belgianka and her family are still struggling to be baptized because they can't get to church! But we will find a way, we
Sister Howard & Sister Sughroue
Relief Society Activity
know that Lord will help Belgianka do this. Our investigator Bryan was baptized on Saturday! He is a college student at UVU and is so awesome, my companion taught him alot last transfer. We have been really focusing on teaching and finding those who are prepared this week, it has been a struggle because some of our investigators have just stopped progressing. It is sometimes hard to let go of those who are just not ready but when we trust in the Lord and make room for more people he always provides us with miracles. This week we found 4 new investigators, and some potentials. Which is awesome! Julia is 14 and came with her Mom and Aunt (member). We gave them a tour and taught the first lesson, during the tour we found out her mom was baptized a long time ago but because of some tough trials never really stayed active and now they both are interested in coming to church and making this a part of their life. She is going to read the BOM and is so sweet(: They live by San Diego so we will keep in touch over the phone.
So all my Valentines came to find me on the Square! I am sure you have all already seen the pictures! I saw Cassandra in t
Mauri Rivera, Sister Sughroue
& Jaqcuelyn Jacobsen
he morning and then in the afternoon I ran into Briar!!!!! I hadn't seen her since she left on her mission! It was good to see her, she is beautiful as ever and Leslie and Her have always been such great examples to me. While I was hugging Briar..... Jaqcuelyn and Mauri walked in.....hahahahaha. I must be serving in utah or something. So great to see them! We laughed and cried hahaha. Jacquelyn is going to do great things in Sydney and that was our Final goodbye till then!

Sister Sughroue &
Cassandra Clermont
I just love the work I am doing and the people I meet everyday. Even though they may be complete strangers I love them, because we are all brothers and Sisters. And as disciples of Jesus Christ when we are filled with the spirit of the Lord it is easy to love everyone around you despite your differences. This is something I definitely am learning on my mission through many different experiences. I have learned to love others and remember that we all chose to come to the earth and follow Jesus Christ, that we are great in the eyes of God, and it is our job to help each other return safely home.

Sister Sughroue &
Briar Morgan
Hope you all have an awesome week!  
Grandma and Grandpa thanks for the Valentines package and chocolate! <3
Mom the Girl Scout Cookies were a big hit.... and the American Sisters thank you.
Sister Sughroue

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