Monday, February 23, 2015

Week #26 - February 23rd, 2015

Sister Sughroue's Zone 

Hello (:
This week was busy and filled with tender mercies from the Lord! I found out that I am not going outbound this next transfer in a week.... so I will be here for conference! It is funny to think when I first got my call I was worried about being in the same square for so long, but I haven't gotten tired of it! I love it, being here and seeing the Temple everyday and always having opportunities to teach and testify about the restored gospel! What more could a missionary ask for.... haha.
Monday- We went hiking Ensign Peak as a district.
Hiking on P-Day
Tuesday- Tours at Welfare Square and we helped in the Bishops storehouse shopping with people when we are not busy with tours.
Wednesday- Tender mercy.... we were in the Visitor Center on the couch's talking to a member about her conversion story when this crazy dude came up and just sat down listening to our conversation... he said he was interested but seemed kind of Anti, and we started to talk with him and answer questions but he was just rude and slightly creepy, luckily this awesome member was there and bore her testimony and helped us out and made us feel a lot more comfortable. So grateful the Lord put her in our path and we were able to be blessed by her testimony and spirit.
Thursday- Sister Att from the church history department who
Hiking on P-Day
helps with all the churchs historical sights came and told us about Temple Square! She answered all our mythbusters and the weird stories that have been floating around for a while hahaha. You know that Elevator story about how their was a random space left for an elevator and they had no clue  what it would be for because elevators were not invented and it was a miracle.... well yup turns out elevators were actually invented before the temples plans and construction was finished... myth=busted. I was so devastated I love telling that story :(  hahaha we could not stop laughing at all the things we were finding out. I always knew Temple Square was a special place but after hearing her speak it made it even more special! Thinking about how significant every building, the placement, what the saints went through and let alone the fact that this has been the place for saints from all over the world to gather to hear from the Prophets called of God since the 1800's! And all the amazing revelation that was given to prophets here in this square! I could go on forever about it!
Friday- I saw Andrew! We took a lesson/tour with this family of 4! The parents and 2 young boys, they came with the Elders and the bishops family. It was awesome, we focused on Eternal Families and at the End they all accepted baptism! And since I am not going outbound I will be able to go to it in March!
Andrew Pulsipher (cousin) & Sister Sughroue

Saturday- We got a new investigator. My companion made me traditional Czech dinner (meat and potatoes) So Yummy! We also felt it was time to talk with one of our investigators who wasn't really progressing and tell her we couldn't call very much anymore.... it was kind of weird I felt like I was breaking up with someone hahaha. But we knew it was something we needed to do. She has struggled with a relationship with God and we have been really trying to help her with that..... at the End of our talk I invited her to pray as usual, but this time she said YES. miracle. 
Sunday- That Investigator finally decided to go to church after 3 months! Miracle.... YES.  Sometimes as missionaries we need to step away and help them realize it is there choice and they need to work on their personal relationship with God we can't do it for them... the Lord has perfect timing for all of us and prepares all bit by bit until we are ready.

On Wednesday we have Ipad training with the General Authority Elder Clarke! Should be fun I am really excited to see how we can use this technology to hasten the work!
Czech Dinner made by Sister Sindylkova
Hope everyone has a great week! It is starting to get cold here... I knew this warm winter was too good to be true.
Off to Pday and Cafe Rio (:

Much love,
Sister Sughroue

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