Friday, September 5, 2014

Week #2 - September 5, 2014


Sister Sughroue & Sister Carpenter
So this week was awesome. So much happens,... all the days are a blurrr... 6pm feels like midnight here, and that's when I start going into a food coma after dinner. Sister Carpenter and I live on the same floor, we see each other everyday and sometimes we run over to each other's rooms to say a quick good night. hahaha.

Sister Sughroue & Sister Vasi 
I tend to embarrass myself on a daily basis... whether its a weird face or noise I make in class, or quoting a movie and no one gets it, or falling asleep while reading my scriptures in the lobby. hahaha. But the other day topped it all. I was trying to squirt some ranch onto my salad, and the bottle was clogged so without thinking I held it sideways towards my plate and squeezed it as hard as I could... the ranch literally shot 5 feet away and got all over the floor. This was in the middle of the cafeteria. I couldn't help but turn bright red and everyone around laughed. But it's all good because we got it cleaned up, but I was too nervous to go back and get dressing. 

Love serving & living with these Sisters
My friend Sister Rajah is from Perth Australia and she is helping me with my accent so we can switch flags at Temple Square for a day. I've tricked a few people so far... but I tend to crack under pressure. Fun Fact: One of our teachers is Mitt Romney's Nephew, and he gave him a sweater vest for Christmas a few years ago. haha.

My companion is great I love her so much! We laugh and cry together. All good tears and we probably should be more serious sometimes but she is so funny it's so hard! I haven't gotten homesick, of course I miss everyone but the work I am doing now is so important!!! I have learned to love teaching in just one short week!

Sister Sughroue & Sister Vasi
We got a new investigator named Kya. She is from Russia but moved to BYU because she has a lot of Mormon friends from when she did foreign exchange in Utah. She is Russian Orthodox. The first lesson was rough because she told us that she really didn't want to meet with us but she had to do it for a class requirement, but she said she would still be nice. We just got to know her and her religious background and she seriously said "idk" to everything we asked. She was sick the second time so we didn't get to teach a lesson. Last night we had a break through!!!! I was tired of her saying "idk" to everything, I finally just asked her if there is a loving God who has organized one true church on this earth and has given us a plan so that we can be happy and return with him again,... would you want to know for yourself??? She said.... "Yeah I guess" hahahaha! This was awesome! She then started to ask us a ton of questions about Jacob Smith... she knows it's Joseph now. And we also taught her about the Restoration... it went pretty well. Right before we were about to say the closing prayer she told us she hates how Mormons say they are gonna live for eternity, because she doesn't want to. She told us that when she dies she wants to say Hi to God and Jesus and then be like peace out I'm dead. Yup she said that. We all just laughed together. So tonight we are going to teach her about the plan of salvation and some other good stuff. I love Kya so much and I know that God has prepared her to hear about this gospel. I'll let you know how it goes next week! hahaha
Working on our handshakes!

This week I learned a lot about teaching. It doesn't matter how much you know but more of what the people feel when they are around you. I am an instrument in the Lord's hands and I know that the Spirit will guide me as to what to say, so that my investigators can come closer to Christ. I have felt the Spirit so strong in the past few lessons we have taught! 

Love you all.Thank you for all the prayers, letters and packages. xoxo

Sister Sughroue

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