Monday, September 29, 2014

Week #5 - September 29th, 2014

Sister Ye & Sister Sughroue
Hi everyone!
This week was awesome! I can't believe I have been out for a month already. Time flies when you are a missionary! My Chinese is getting better, I can say short phrases and words. We give huge Chinese tours all the time and at the end they ask my companion of they can take a picture with me hahaha. So funny, and wierd. So I'm probably on China's facebook and instagram, lol.
Here on Temple Square you have to pass off giving tours before you can officially lead them in any language. You give your zone leaders a tour and they tell you if you passed or not. The first day I got here my companion gave me one week to learn all the history and do it, I was really nervous and thought I needed more practice. But last Wednesday I passed off and I was the first one to do it in the group of sisters I came out with! So glad she challenged me. Our zone leaders thought it was amazing because we gave history and we testified, the Spirit always needs to be present even during a tour. Tours give us the opportunity to teach 20 plus people all at once! So now we get to eat at the Lion House Resturaunt to celebrate! yayy! haha
We are making progress with our investigators. Three of them have baptismal dates coming up! Yayyy! We met this girl named Becky from England over Chat and we have been teaching her over the phone, she is really progressing. We invited her to be baptized and she said yes! She has a long way to go, but I know she knows that this is true. She grew up Catholic but has always wondered about the Mormons. hahah She is also an all-star cheerleader and her team just made it to worlds.... which is awesome!!!! hahaha We might get to go to our other investigators baptism because she lives by Salt Lake! I will give more info on our investigators next week!
On Saturday I had a little miracle. We went on exchanges and I was with sister Rangell from Brazil. She told me to plan out a person I wanted to meet during the day. I planned, " Old lady, wearing glasses, who will refer and will want to learn more" that night we were in the Assembly Hall and an old lady with glasses started talking to me. I gave her a Book of Mormon and taught her a about the restoration and she referred!!!! We will hopefully be keeping in touch over phone (: So many miracles on Temple Square everyday! 
I ran into Hayley the other day... completely random. We were walking inside the Visitors Center to get out of the rain and she was right at the gate. Hahaha.
Sister Sughroue & Hayley Gharring
General conference is coming up!!! We are all getting ready here... apparently it is super crazy. We only have a 15 min lunch and dinner break and we stay on the square a lot later and start our day earlier. I am so excited to hear from the Prophet and his Apostles. I am so grateful for a living Prophet who receives direct revelation from God to lead and guide us! 

Today we went to lunch at the Church Office Building with my companion's friends from her ward back in China who are here for General Conference. The food there is sooo good. The whole place was just packed with missionaries and important people hahah. I think I am going to eat there more often. Now we are gonna go shopping (:

I hope everyone has a good week! Enjoy conference in your pajamas and take notes! (:
Sister Sughroue

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