Monday, October 6, 2014

Week #6 - October 6th, 2014

Sister Sughroue ready for General Conference
This past week on Temple Square has been full of miracles. It got busier and busier leading up to conference this weekend.
We have 3 investigators with baptism dates coming up in the next few weeks! My companion has been teaching Eman for about 6 months now, She is a freshman and goes to college here in SLC and is getting baptized this Saturday, I think we get to go too! We met with her and went over the baptismal interview questions, she is so ready. We also have some new investigators that are progressing!
On Wednesday we had an investigator lesson, this is when the SLC missionaries will bring investigators to Temple Square and we take them on a tour to teach and help them progress. Two sisters from SLC brought Dez a young mother who is married to a less active man in the church. She has the cutest baby, has a great personality, she just has problems with the Word of Wisdom. The missionaries told us that she wants to move really slow and doesn't want to feel pressured. We took her to the Christus and talked to her about our Savior Jesus Christ. The spirit was so strong and you could tell she was truly touched when we discussed the atonement. We then discussed the word of wisdom and she was really closed off but then out of no where she looked up and said she was making the commitment right then to throw away all coffee, tea, alcohol at home and never touch it again. We all were shocked! Then we took her to the movie about God's plan for our family, and she went home with a baptismal date and a goal to get sealed in the Temple! She is amazing.
Dez & her family

Sister Sughroue & Sister Ye

Brad Hill (Linda Bevan Hill's son) & Sister Sughroue

Thursday we went to dinner at the Lion house with sister Orndal and Sister Rajah to use our free meal from passing off tours. Best meal I have had my entire mission..... so much food.... and a huge slice of chocolate cake.
We prepared all week as a mission for General Conference. We were on the square at 7:30 am and didn't leave until 9:45 pm.So we were working all day longgggg. Mom, your General conference Survival kit was perfect thank you!  We had 20 minutes for meals and they were all provided for us, by wards in the area. They are so nice!  We even had cafe rio for dinner last night(: I was in heaven. 

President Poulsen wanted us to focus on uplifting members, non-members and everyone we saw. We made it a goal to share an uplifting message with every person we contacted. It was packed and really chaotic but we met some of the most amazing people. Even though every one was mostly a member we still were able to share scriptures with them and uplift them! We received lots of referrals for non members! This conference I was just in awe of the unity of all the members in our church. We met people from all over the world to come here our beloved Prophet speak. I love how diverse the members of our church are but we are all yet the same, we are all children of God who have the light of Christ within us, we all are here on earth to follow God's plan.
  Just a tip of advice if you are a member and you come to Temple Square and the Sisters try talking to you don't be rude, missionaries are not just suppose to talk to non members but everyone! We all could use a little spiritual boost once in while!  I saw so many people I know I am not even going to list them.... because they all know who they are, and I'm sure all the pictures we took are on Facebook.
Johnna Franks & Sister Sughroue
At Saturday Morning session of Conference
I was able to attend the Saturday Morning Session session! We were in 6th row on the left side on the floor.... so amazing seats!!!! I got the chills when we sang the closing song and I looked around at 21,000 members all united in voice and singing praises to our loving God. I loved all the talks, but one of my  favorites was Elder Chi who spoke in cantanese. He talked about how we all need to work in harmony to help build up the Lord's Kingdom, missionaries and members. We must be a team in order to be successful.  He said that as we assist the Savior in the mission of saving souls we too will be rescued. This is so true, my testimony is strengthened everyday as I see this process going on around me. As members of the church we are all called to share what we know with our fellow brothers and sisters who have not yet found the truth. I also loved Uchtdorf's talk about how all our testimonies will grow at different rates but as we do our work and part it will come and it will be glorious. We should never compare ourselves to others and their testimonies. He said, church is a home for all sorts of testimonies, the church is not for perfect people but a place for people to become perfected through our Savior.
 O I was walking to the conference center and started talking to this Old couple and they were asking me about myself and my mission and I asked there names and it was Lynn G. Robbins of the seventy who spoke saturday morning. hahaha. I felt bad I didn't recognize him but they all look alike, right?
I can't wait to read and catch up on the rest of the talks in the Ensign, because the rest of the weekend we were contacting. Sunday night we had a wrap up meeting as a mission, some of the sisters were able to share some miracles they experienced during the weekend. President suprised us and let us watch "MEET THE MORMONS" before it comes out on Oct. 10th. It is so good! We all laughed and cried! It will be out in theaters so make sure you see it! We got to sleep in till 9 this morning and started at 10 because we lost sleep over the weekend, it was needed we were all exhausted. 

Today we are going to a zone activity in Park City at President Harmons house, he is our mission presidency! So excited we get to wear jeans and we are having a Luhua hawaiian party! 

Well I think that sums up the week! I hope everyone enjoyed conference and has a great next week!!!!! Love you all!
Sister Sughroue

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  1. If I was a general authority, I would totally love it if no one recognised me! Sister orndals brother just left our ward. Love reading your blog. Amy (Bogh) xx