Monday, October 13, 2014

Week #7 - October 13th, 2014

So this past week has been pretty busy and eventful here on the square. Let's just say I am in the best mission ever.... I know everyone says that but really, after this week I am convinced. How did I get so lucky!
I'll start from the beginning.
We love taking Asian pictures!
Tues: We went to go open a movie in the Jospeh Smith building and they cancelled it because they were doing interviews for the whole "Meet the Mormons" cast. No one told us it was cancelled so we still went and ended up meeting some of the
cast and got a poster with all their signatures. The boxer girl (from Costa Rica) and her family are so cute we talked to them for a little bit! I also met the man from Nepal on the Square this week! 
Throughout the week we have been contacting and teaching as usual. We have been teaching a few less actives and helping them come back. We were able to contact some of our referrals from General Conference and there are a few that want to keep learning! Yes it works, when members and missionaries work as a team.  Our investigators are progressing towards baptism, some faster than others but we are gonna help them all get there. hahaha

Thursday we met a man named Brent. We walked past him at first but then felt we needed to walk back and talk to him. That feeling was the Spirit. We talked to him and after a good conversation, found out he is divorced and has been inactive for years.... has a testimony just doesn't go to church. I shared a scripture with him and testified the importance of going to church. We discussed some more and than we invited him to attend church with us on Sunday. He said yes. He was so grateful for us, he started to cry as he expressed himself. After Church on Sunday he committed to start coming back to church and make certain steps to get his life back on track. He said that we were an answer to his prayers.  The Spirit will guide us to the people that need us, if we listen carefully.
Eman and the sisters who taught her at her baptism!

Saturday we had 3 baptisms.... yes 3.  (Our mission had 100 baptisms last month) Hahaha they were all at the same time, so we weren't able to attend or skype all of them. My companion teaches them in Chinese and will translate what I say... we've got a good system down.  But we were able to go to Eman's baptism in Pleasant Grove! I drove... yes we got lost in Salt Lake City for like 20 min trying to get on the freeway... but in my defense, we had no GPS or siri. We made it on time! It was my first baptism as a missionary, there were so many people there we had to stand. She is a wonderful young lady and has great faith. Her family was not very supportive of her baptism but she knew it was the right thing to do. The Spirit was so strong, it was a truly a different experience as missionary. 
A picture Natalie Woll (my mom's cousin) found on the church's conference news site.
On Sunday we invited Brent and 2 less actives we met on the Square to come to church with us, and then we took them to "Music and the Spoken Word" after! Which was amazing!!!! They really felt the Spirit and told us they have a desire to go to church now. Missionaries are just the tools... the Spirit is the one that really teaches and converts. Sunday in sacrament they announced we would be having a special fireside for just our mission by DAVID ARCHULETA!!!! 
Park City Fun!
So we had a fireside for 2 hours with him! He sang 3 songs and did a Q and A type of thing. We took a zone picture with him ( I will send that next week) and then I got to  talk to him... I asked if he knew Adam... he said yes he loves him! lol. He talked alot about his mission and staying strong while being in the industry he is in. He is very humble and has an amazing testimony.
Sister Sughroue & Sister Ye
I work hard and am obedient not because it is the rules but because I love the Lord, I don't only work hard one day to see a miracle, when I work hard it is for Him. We work hard all the time because we love the Lord. When he knows we are working because we love Him and the people, He will then bless us, on His timing and in His way. I love the Lord, and am going to give Him everything I have on His mission. I want to become the kind of missionary He needs. I am here for Him. I love this gospel and love sharing it!
Thank you for the letters and packages! Aunt Rebecca and Uncle Daniel and the girls, my companion and I loved your pictures and all the treats thanks(:
Have an amazing week everyone!!!!
<3 Sister Sughroue

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