Monday, October 20, 2014

Week #8 - October 20th, 2014

Sister Sughroue
This week the Lord has answered my prayers in so many different ways, some I can't even explain, but I know he loves me and hears me. He is has put people in my path this week that I have learned so much from. Whoever they are I am grateful for meeting them because I have become strengthened. It is amazing as a missionary you just instantly love the people you meet, you see them as a child of God. And all I want is to help them learn that, and that God has a plan for them! 
Sister Sughroue, Sister Ye, Sister Lucas & Sister Gee
Sister Ye & Sister Sughroue

Sister Sughroue giving tours of the Tabernacle
Sister Sughroue
I was kind of frustrated last week because I felt like an anti magnet.... these people are wolves dressed as sheep... they act all nice and then just want to argue. I simply am nice the whole time and I think it surprises them, if the spirit isn't there I don't teach. We as missionaries are not here to convince, but to teach and then invite others to come to know for themselves by praying and reading the Book of Mormon. That is the only way you can know of the truth.  I have reflected on a few of these experiences and am actually very grateful for running into these antis.. they have made me stronger. So sometimes I want to say thank you to them as they walk away, hahaha.  I am reminded how amazing this gospel is and how it is so simple, we live it because we love the Lord. As we humble ourselves and follow his plan exactly we will be blessed. 
Chicken Feet! Nope! Still haven't tried them!

I love my companion so much, we are different, but because of that we are able to learn so much from each other. I have recognized so many of my strengths and weaknesses that I need to work on. We both are completely dedicated to the work and her example of obedience and faith has been such a blessing. We should be together for one more transfer! 
Sister Ye is hilarious and we have had some funny moments this week. 
People keep telling me I look like Elizabeth Smart, and Sister Ye was asking me about her but instead of saying kidnapped she kept saying "napkinned"..... sooooo funny. I teach her new words everyday, most recently was "booger". Yup, now she knows. She thinks me eating cookie dough is weird, and I think her chicken feet our weird. She scared me the other day with a chicken foot and I seriously screamed soooo loud, that it scared her. hahaha I'll send a picture of it!  The best is when I say Hi to chinese people and introduce myself then they think I speak Chinese and start asking me questions and I just laugh, and point to my comp. Sometimes I accidently speak chinese to Japanese people and they laugh at me..... hahahah ooops. 

Future Relief Society President!
On Thursday Sister Bonhem of the General Relief Society board came and spoke to us! She shared some awesome history about Relief Society and also talked about our divine worth us women. We went to the Relief Society building to tour to use some of our explore hours. The new sisters get 12 explore hours to use the first transfer, to get familiar with the things on Temple Square! It was so awesome to see how the organization was formed and why. As women in the church we are able to strengthen one another spiritually. And Relief Society  and all church programs helps us stay on that covenant path back to God.

 Later we had lunch at the church office building and are with the Elder and Sister Pulsipher! They showed me pictures of Tyler coming home, so glad we ran into them!

Elder Jim Pulsipher (taking the picture-my mom's cousin) Sister Sue Pulsipher, Sister Ye & Sister Sughroue
On Saturday  as we were walking out from the Visitor Center we ran into Aunt Dana and the Kids! It was so good to see them and visit with them for a little bit (:  
Aunt Dana, Emily, Rebecka, Brian, & Spencer

Sunday we brought a friend of ours who is less active to church with us! He loved it and was really touched by the spirit that 200 sister missionaries carry with them.  On Sunday Sister Ye was sick during the morning so I was in a trio with my zone leaders. People answer there phones on Sunday so we were able to teach some really good lessons! We have some investigators progressing towards baptism, It is so amazing watching someones seed of  faith grow into such a strong testimony. I pray for them everyday, that they will come to know the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ! 

Music & The Spoken Word
We went to the Temple this morning! And now we are off to get some foood! I hope everyone has a good week! Love you all!

Sister Sughroue

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