Monday, October 27, 2014

Week #9 - October 27th, 2014

Sister Sughroue & Sister Ye in the Beehive House

I can't believe I am done with my first transfer... time flies when you are doing the Lord's work. I was the youngest sister of the whole mission but not anymore... lol. 

Eman, Sister Ye & Sister Sughroue at the Church Office Building on the 26th floor lookout

My companion will finish training me this next transfer then she will go outbound. I am excited to learn more from her! We have become close and are having a good time! She always makes me laugh.. with something crazy she does or says.  This morning we had Transfer meeting... and said bye to all the Sisters leaving. We will be working in the Humanitarian Center next transfer on Tuesdays and Thursdays, giving tours and we will also be able to help with service there! I don't know a lot of the details but I can't wait to find out more. Our P-day is still Monday!

This week we used some more of our explore hours and toured the Conference Center, Beehive House ( Brigham Young's house, which is kind of creepy.... but still super interesting and cool), Humanitarian Center. We took our friend and recent convert Eman to  the Church Office Building Look out on the 26th floor, such a pretty view... I got sick from the elevator ride ahahaha. The new Sisters also got to go on tour of the Organs in the Conference Center and TAB. They had a specialist explain how the Organ works and we got to go behind in the Tabernacle to see all the 11,623 pipes. It was awesome.... I am still mind blown on how that thing even works.
Sister Sughroue "pretending" to play the Tabernacle organ
The Tabernacle Organ Pipes!

On Saturday we went for a Bagel run.... it's the best way to exercise. A group of us Sisters all run to get bagels in the morning for exercise, then we walk back while we eat. So yummy.... its such a good motivation to work out. lol. We had a baptism on Saturday night! He is Chinese and lives in California, we tried skyping him but it wouldn't work :/ We met him and his family on the square at the beginning of the transfer. His is a convert and he had been meeting with the missionaries for years. But when he came to Temple Square, he was prepared and ready to accept the Gospel.  We have been teaching him over the phone all transfer. The Lord sent this amazing family to us so we could help teach him and prepare him to enter the waters of Baptism! So amazing.... now the Temple is the next step for this family!
Sister Sughroue, future conductor of the Tabernacle choir (following in her great great cousin-- Gerald Ottley's Footsteps)

Sister Ye and I were in the Tabernacle one night and she told a some people that if they asked me, I would sing to on stage to show the acoustics of the building..... so these people kept bugging me and wouldn't take no for an answer soooo I made Sister Ye come with me and we went up and Sang I am a child of God for everyone.... so embarrassing...hahahaha.
This week we ran into a miracle.... yup. A young man named Jordan who is 20 years old and is so prepared to accept the Gospel and be baptized. We met him in the Visitor Center showed him around and he told us he wanted to baptized! He is so humble and has great faith in God, he wants to do what the Lord wants for him.  We will be staying in touch with him and teaching him to prepare him to enter the waters of baptism! So awesome! The amazing thing about a Visitor Center mission is that the Lord sends so many different people to you, that are prepared! And we have to be in tune with the spirit to find them. Learning to trust the spirit and let it direct your path may be hard, but when you humble yourself and just listen you will be blessed.

Sister Sughroue & Sister Ye on top of the Conference Center

This past week, I got to meet Sister Ponanski ( who served with Tyler for a little bit, but is now a Temple Square) and see Sister Thurber from Temecula Stake who came here for the MTC tour, but is heading to DC! I hope everyone is having a good week and enjoying the warm California weather... it is starting to get cold here :( I am getting whiter than ever before yes it's possible. hahaha.  This week for Halloween we are going as a whole mission to dinner in the Church Office Building then to the Temple! It should be an amazing experience!

Shout out to my cute little cousin Maddy on getting baptized this upcoming Saturday! I am so proud of you and excited for you (: Heavenly Father loves you and is so happy you are choosing the right! And Happy Birthday too <3
Much Love, 
Sister Sughroue

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