Monday, November 3, 2014

Week #10 - November 3rd, 2014

Sister Ye & Sister Sughroue sporting are matching headbands from Aunt Dana!
Dressing Festive for Halloween (I really wanted to dress-up like Emma Smith!)
So, in my second transfer time flies.... Serious the days are long, the weeks are super fast. Well we started serving in the Humanitarian Center on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I love it for a few reasons, 1. FREE FOOD, we get to eat lunch in the cafeteria there and they have they BYU chocolate milk.... its unlimited so I take full advantage. 2. I have learned so much about all the projects and the service the church does all over the world... It motivates me to serve everyone around me by doing small things. 3. The people that work there are hired by the Church to become self reliant. They are all immigrants or refugees from different religions and countries, they spend 4 hours working and 4 hours in English class. They do this so they can then be placed into a real job eventually. 4. The Spirit there is so strong, when everyone does a small thing it can make a big difference... It is modeled after the example of our Savior and how he served everyone.
On Halloween we went to the Church Office building for dinner then to the Temple as a whole mission. I totally wanted to dress up as Emma Smith to give tours..... but mission rules, so it was a no go. 

Halloween Fun!

Reunited! with my brother, Tyler Sughroue just home form his mission in France!
Oh, my companion caught on to me saying "cool beans" and it is so funny because she doesn't get why I say it and now she keeps saying it in her cute little Asian way. ahahaha. Oh, Hot Rod. 

On Saturday I probably got the BEST SURPRISE EVER! I was standing at the Christus and we were talking to a group of people and then all of a sudden I randomly looked around and saw TYLER!!!!!!! I just started crying but I had to finish talking to those people, and they were confused as to why I was getting emotional all of sudden...they probably thought I felt the Spirit super strong or something... hahaha. So I had to wait a few minutes before I could run over and hug him!!!! Oh my gosh I probably looked ridiculous because I couldn't stop smiling but I had tears.... and people were wondering why I was hugging a boy.... ahahaha it's my brother!!!!! I got the package of goodies, Thanks mom (; hahaha! And then we were able to go eat dinner at City Creek for a little bit! It was so awesome to see him, last time we were together he was a missionary and now the roles have switched. I am so lucky to have him as my example! All the Sisters kept talking about how much we look alike, and how we are the boy and girl version of each some sisters are more friendly then usual now that they know I have a big brother. ahahahaha.  It was also fun to have Jamey Hughes and Kassidy Walker join us! (:

This week I have truly gained a testimony that Heavenly Father knows whose Spirits can touch whose. It is hard not to get sad when your investigators drop you or they are not progressing, but this week I know that those people were placed in my life to teach me lessons. From the experiences I have had and the people I have met, I have learned love, patience and compassion. These are all so simple, I didn't realize how bad I was at these until I got on my mission, but I am starting to understand the true meaning of all of these. Wise words from Sister Tiritilli (who I absolutely love soooo much), " Heavenly
Thanks Aunt DiAnn, Uncle Ben and Girls for the Minky and pictures!
Father is aware of who he places in our path (investigators, family, friends, companions) and whose path he allows us to be placed in." I am so grateful for every one and all our past and recent investigators I have learned something from everyone of them, and I know that is why God put them in my path. As a missionary I have the ability and opportunity to help them come unto Christ, but they also help me without realizing it. I am so grateful for my calling! I love all my brothers and sisters and want them to know their divine worth and the plan God has for all of his children! 

Thanks Aunt Dana & Uncle Matt & Family for the leaves and General Conference Quotes!)

I hope everyone is enjoying life, I am learning to live in the present, and to appreciate everyday and the experiences that come along with it whether they make me laugh or cry ahahah. It is our choice to be Happy!!!! Life is goood, real gooood. I love you all, stay sweet!
Sister Sughroue

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