Monday, November 17, 2014

Week #12 - November 17th, 2014

Hi Friendsssssss. Just another great week here on Temple Square. Teaching and testifying all day everyday and I wouldn't have it any other way. I love sharing the gospel and every time I share it, my testimony becomes stronger. Our investigators are are continuing to move forward towards baptism (: , and we are praying to find more people to help because the square has slown down. We have a baptism this week! Sun Jia is Chinese but lives in Brazil, she speaks English too, so we have been teaching her over the phone and will be able to skype her baptism on Saturday! She is so great, and has a strong desire to be baptized and live the Gospel. Her husband is catholic and does not support her at all, but she told us that no matter what she wants to join this church because she knows its true! 

Tuesday: We were at the Humanitarian Center  eating lunch in the cafeteria and Kerri Nielsen just walks right up to me and gives me a hug! Her cousin Kathy works at the front office there and she came to visit her. Such a small world, especially in Utah. haha
Sister Nielsen (Sister Sighroue's 1st Young Women's President) & Sister Sughroue

Wednesday: We gave a tour too two ladies we met a walmart a while ago and they brought there non member family! It was great, the son wanted to learn more and gave us contact info so we will hopefully be teaching him!

Thursday: Humanitarian Center... gave a tour to a member family. We taught a lot online, phone calls and chat. There are some very interesting people who call in... like I really have no clue why people just call in to troll. Do they not have anything better to do with their  time? But I do appreciate it because they strengthen my testimony and make me realize how the Gospel makes us all so happy! 
Sister Sughroue's District

The producer, director and an actor from the  "Savior of the World" show came to talk to us in Relief Society. They shared with us the main message and gospel principles the show includes. This show has been put on in Salt Lake City for many years and shows the birth and life of our Savior Jesus Christ. The Church uses this show as a way to share our beliefs with everyone in the community and remind everyone the true meaning of Christmas. As missionaries on Temple Square we get the privilege of this being another tool for us to use to help teach others. On some nights we will be assigned to contact before and after the show by the theater and say the opening and closing prayer.  Our mission was given tickets for us to give to people we meet on the square or investigators. This is such a blessing! We will be able to take our investigators to this show, where they can feel the spirit and learn more about their Savior Jesus Christ. We get to go as a zone this Wednesday to watch! 

Friday: My companion and I taught in our District Meeting! We taught about companionship unity and the importance of bold baptismal invitations and using time wisely. Our recent convert Eman came to visit us on the Square. She is awesome! We talked with her and invited her to think about serving a mission!

Saturday: We found out at 10:15 that the Elders from the SLC mission called to invite us to baptism that started at 11, because they forgot until that morning.  My companion helped teach the guy when the  Elders brought him to Temple Square. So we ran to get in the car and go but the address they gave us was just 2 roads and not an actual spot.. My sense of direction is horrible and apparently so is every other Sister's serving at Temple Square. There was 4 of us trying to navigate, it was only 15 min away but took us over an hour to find the church. We got there when it was over but got to say congrats. Sam is the guy who got baptized, he is from San Clemente, 21 and knows some people from the TVHS baseball team. Small world again, O utah.  We pulled over and asked for directions twice... how many Sister missionaries does it take to not get lost? I wouldn't know because we get lost everytime.... ahahahah. 

Sam's Baptism! We finally made, late, but we made it!
GUESS WHAT! I tried chicken feet..... yes a lot of the sisters here eat it. It's international mission ahaha.There are alot of  tendons and bones and the texture is like rubber. It is really healthy for you though and it was better than I expected, not saying it is like my new favorite food or anything.  (I will include a video).
 I realized that trying chicken feet is alot like our investigators trying the Gospel, it might look strange and maybe scary to try but once you do you realize that it isn't so bad after all. All the tendons and bones are like the commandments,  to some they do not look that appealing but they keep us spiritually and physically healthy. And we can pray for the strength to do both.... hahaha. Feel free to try chicken feet so you can experience what I mean, they sell it at Walmart! 

I hope everyone has a good week! Thanks for all the letters and support! 

Sister Sughroue


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