Monday, November 10, 2014

Week #11 - November 10th, 2014

Hello everyone!

 Serving at a visitor center you sometimes commonly get referred to as a tour guide. This week a group of people asked if we would were the tour guides, my companion replied, "We are tour guides to help people return to God" they looked confused and then we all laughed. When this happens  we tell them we are missionaries and then the tour is a lot more spiritual then they expect, the resources we have here are great tools to invite the spirit and teach others about the gospel! 
Sister Poznanski (who served in Tyler's mission for 6 weeks waiting for her VISA) & Sister Sughroue
Or the best is when people say,  "sooooo are you all like nuns???"  hahahahaha NO.

It  has been a little slower than usual because its getting colder.... but it is about to get super busy as soon as the lights turn on. You can tell who is a native utah because they are still in just short sleeve shirts and then there is me with my layers, coat and scarf.... hahaha people can guess that I am from California. Humanitarian center has had no tours lately so we have had alot of online teaching and contacting time which is great!
We have three investigators on date for baptism this transfer, so we will meet our goal! I love goals.
We found 4 new investigators this week!  We are still finding people to teach, there is always someone you just have to look and follow the spirit!
One of those new investigators of ours is Tom from the UK. Tom came on to chat Saturday night, he said he ran into some missionaries on the street and it made him want to know more. I asked if I could give him a call right away and he accepted. We talked a little bit about church and how he would go the next day, and talked to him about the Book of Mormon and how God put him in the path of those two missionaries in the UK!We followed up the next day to see how his first time at church went, and he loved it!!!! I called him with a member present (yes we do those over the phone) who is an RM and he helped our lesson, they became best friends over the phone. Members are vital to missionary work!!!! We taught him the Restoration and have another appointment with him this week. He is just soaking everything in and is on track for baptism. It is amazing how God has slowly prepared him over time and now he is so ready!

They always find a way back.... we met this Young man named Christopher on the Square about a month ago, he referred and we could never get a hold of him so we had to drop him. This week guest services told us that he called in looking for us because he got all our messages. When we called him he said that he lost his Book of Mormon and wanted to learn more for himself instead of what everyone keeps telling him!!! We will be teaching him more this week!
This week we gave a tour to a older lady with special needs, named Pam. Pam didn't really know where she was, but she was waiting to meet someone and they asked if we could show her around. We took her to the Tabernacle last and sat down, she was telling us about her life and her cat, twiggy, sounds like an awesome cat.  We simply explained prophets and then I started to talk about prayer, and how she can talk to God and he loves her. I felt prompted to ask her to pray, we taught her and then she gave a short simple prayer that was probably 30 seconds long. She had tears coming down her face, she said "There is water in my eyes!" hahah. But she said she felt so happy, I know that God heard her pray, he was so happy to hear from her, because she is his daughter. And he wants to hear from all his children! I got teary eyed because I knew she felt the spirit, and that she knew she was praying to her Heavenly Father who loves her so much. She promised us she would say a prayer everyday. I am so grateful for this experience with Pam, it reminded me how powerful prayer is, even though she gave a very simple one.
Tanner Johnson, Sister Sughroue, Sister Ye's peace sign (she was on the phone), & Taylor Anne Johnson
This weekend we went on 24 hour exchanges with our District Leader Sister Nakamatsu from Japan. I was with her companion on Friday, Sister Radamasson from Madagascar. We would always have people guess where she is from by looking at her flag and when no one could I would just sing, "I like to move it move it!" Then they got it right away! hahaha.
I got to see the Johnsons this week! It was so great they surprised me! Love them so much(:
Thanks for all the support and love!(:
Sister Sughroue

P.S. Love God with all your might, mind, and strength! (Moroni 10: 32)

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