Friday, September 12, 2014

Week #3- September 12, 2014

Sister Sughroue
So this past week was crazy!!! I don't even know where to start.... I MET PRESIDENT UCHTDORF. On Tuesday my companion and I spent all morning in the  main office of the MTC, we were talking to one of the District Presidents and he told us to look behind us.... and there he was. We casually walked by and he shook our hands, asked where we were

going and where we were from. Ahhhhhhh!!!! So awesome! He looks way different in person but his accent is just as good. hahah. I know we are going to become great friends because I'm sure ill see him all the time on Temple Square. hahah We were convinced that he would be giving the Tuesday night devotional so we got to devo 30 min early to get good seats and it wasn't even him :( We found out later that he only stopped by for 10 min, to do some quick business before going to BYU for something.... so basically we were in the right place at the right time. I also haven't washed my hand since he shook it..... jk. Hoping that this Sunday or Tuesday we get to hear from an apostle!

Sister Vasi, Sister Sughroue, Sister Leavitt, & Sister Rajah
Wednesday we started Visitor Center Training. We are part of a district of 19 girls, 15 are going to Temple Square. There are girls from all over the country, blonde 19 year old white girls is a minority at Temple Square. In the Morning we all took a bus over to Temple Square and went for a tour! As soon as I walked through the gates I felt the spirit so strong. It was my first time there as a missionary, it's crazy but as we walked around I got the strongest comfort that this is exactly where the Lord needs me for the next 18 months and I couldn't be more excited. I can't wait see the gorgeous Temple everyday, and feel the spirit so strongly as I walk around the square. We then had a meeting with the Director of all the Visitor Centers for the Church, he shared some cool stories with us and it got me super pumped up! He told us that only 2% of missionaries get called to VC's and that our mission boundaries are the whole world. Yup, the whole world!!! There are about 190 countries in Temple Square and the Temple Square mission is teaching people in about 182. God will be sending us people from all over the world to teach! 
The Temecula Crew!
Sister Sughroue, Sister Carpenter, Elder Kartchner, & Elder Conley

We started to do online chat here at the's spiritual and can be a really good experience but it is also hilarious when people get on and just troll. I love it because it makes my companion and I just laugh.  We do it for about 2-3 hours a day. Yesterday we were talking to a lady who just wanted us to believe in the Illuminati and basically thought she was a prophet, and some days shes white and other days shes black apparently. Crazy or not we ALWAYS find a way to invite them to come unto Christ (:

Temple Square Training
Sister Leavitt, Sister Rajah, Sister Vasi & Sister Sughroue
Yesterday started off as a challenge we spent the day studying and preparing to teach people we have never met and know nothing about.... when usually you are able to get to know someone before teaching them but at a Visitor Center (VC) you don't have time to when they are just walking through. Our teacher told us to pray and pick three different things to study for the people we would meet tonight. Alot of us sisters were wondering how in the world this was going to work, because we don't know them at all and only have 10 min to teach them. That night we had investigators come in and act like we were at a VC. It
Sister Rajah, Sister Leavitt, Out teacher,Brother Davies (AKA Mitt Romney's Nephew),
Sister Vasi, & Sister Sughroue
was one of the most spiritual experiences I have had here. We taught 3 very different types of people, and the spirit was very present in each of those lessons. We were able to share our testimonies and help them feel that Heavenly Father loves them. The crazy thing is that we prepared to teach about Faith, the Book of Mormon and the Atonement.... and we used all of them for the three different people without even thinking about it. I know that the Spirit prompted us to study those things!!!! 

I have come to have come to Love the Book of Mormon more and more each day. Whether I am studying it for myself or an investigator I can always find insight and answers to my prayers. As I read the Book of Mormon I come to know my Savior better each day. This Book brings me so much joy. I love reading the Book of Mormon in a lesson with our investigators and watching them receive revelation from the verses we read. The spirit can always be present as long as we invite it. There is something different about reading it as a missionary, knowing that every time I read it I am reading it for the people I will soon meet out on Temple Square.  

Today my comp and I played volleyball with all the Tongans for almost 2 hrs... I'm  getting better!!! I'm the only one who doesn't speak Tongan so I'm sure they are making fun of me but O well. hahahahah. Also, the heater in our room is broken so I seriously slept in my snow jacket last night. Lols. 
Sister Leavitt & Sister Sughroue

I went to the Temple this morning! No better way to start out your day! 
We got our Travel plans and leave Wednesday morning at 5:30 am.... to catch our 15 hr flight. hahaha jk. We are taking a bus. 
Sister Sughroue's District at Provo Temple 

I hope everyone has an amazing week! I'll be in the field in less than a week!!!!! I'm keeping Tyler in my prayers and sending all my love back home and to Paris!

Sister Sughroue, xoxo

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