Friday, December 19, 2014

Week #17 - December 19th, 2014

Hello familia,

Sister Sughroue at Guest Services
This week was goood real goooood. I love being with Sister Chen she is always so positive and happy so we have fun together. I love serving in guest services.... its nice being in the office when it is freezing outside so no complaints... hahaha. Everyone in Utah wants a white Christmas, but I brought the warm weather with me so it hasn't snowed yet! hahaha. 

Sister Sughroue & Sister Chen during planning time
We are still working hard to find more people to teach during this crazy holiday season. Some of our investigators just disappeared again, I think they must have lost their phone or something ahah. Nick from the Ukraine will be getting baptized this sunday!!! He came onto chat about a month ago and we called him right away to teach him, we encouraged him to go to church the next day and invited him to be baptized. Now he is getting baptized!!! He is so awesome and has such a strong testimony and great understanding of the Gospel. I know he will be a great influence on his family and friends! I will send pictures of his baptism next week, we don't get to skype because of the crazy time difference. So Golden. I am just grateful that Heavenly Father let me be an instrument in his hands to help Nick. The source of chat and phone calls is so inspired, so many miracles happen every transfer in our mission from this great source. 

We had Zone conference this week with half of the mission on Thursday. President Poulsen and our other leaders all spoke to us. It was exactly what I needed! It was so motivating and like a spiritual recharge! We have a goal as a mission
to double our baptisms and we are on track! Everything we do is centered on our divine obsession to help others come
Zone Conference in the Tabernacle
closer to Christ by entering the waters of baptism. We had a testimony meeting at the end and almost all of us Sisters shared a time when we felt the spirit undeniably on our mission. The spirit is essential to our own conversion and our investigators it manifest the truth of all things! 

Last night we got to go the Parker family's home in Salt Lake City for a Christmas Dinner! A whole stake signed up to feed the sisters in our mission, so we went with another companionship. I love going to members homes and being with families. As soon as you walk into their home you can feel the spirit and love. We ate a traditional Christmas Dinner with the Ham, cheesy potatoes and rolls..... sooooo Goood. And they sent us home with left overs!!!!!! Yummmmmm. We all went around and shared our family christmas traditions and had great conversation about the Gospel and our Savior Jesus Christ! We left spiritually and physically full.... hahaah. 
Sister Sughroue takes a selfie!

We are having Dinner with Jim and Sue Pulsipher tonight, so excited for another delicious meal.... perks of having awesome family. 

I can't believe Christmas is next week! Ahhhhh I don't really want this season to end, I just love the spirit of Christmas. Everyone has such a greater desire to serve, love and share the Gospel as they remember and focus on our Savior Jesus Christ. I hope you all have a merry Christmas and I can't wait to hear all about next friday. Much love everyone. Remember He is the reason for the Season. 

The square is open all of Christmas eve and opens Christmas day at 3pm so we will be busy busy.... Can't wait to call and hear your voices! (:

Claire Beutler came to see Sister Sughroue
Mom thanks for the matching Pajamas for me and Sister Chen we definitely will be wearing those Chrismas eve and will take a picture! <3

Love- Sister Sughroue
Sister Sughroue was crossing the street and this random person jumped out of a car and took a selfie with her! HAHAHA Love Hayley Gharring!

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