Friday, March 13, 2015

Week #29 - March 13th, 2015

HOLA Amigos!
Found In-N-Out!
We had an awesome miracle this week.... we found a cure to Sister Polancos snoring!  I love her so much but seriously could not sleep because she snores so loud.... so we tried medicine and I bought ear plugs and that didn't work, soooo last night we tried nasal strips and a humidifier and it worked!!!!!! AHHHH best sleep ever! 

Alright well it has been a pretty busy week so here I go....
Sister Sughroue & Sister's from her district enjoying In-N-Out!

Friday- (last Pday) We went grocrey shopping and then decided to find in n out.... 1.5 hours later we found it and it was only 12 minutes away, it was so worth it though.
Saturday- We had our first District Meeting! It was awesome, we had a great discussion with all the Sisters involved and learned so much from each other.
Sunday- Church, We were able to get a hold a lot of our investigators and 1 more is on date for the 11th of April! Belgianka is meeting back up with the missionaries and we are hoping she will be able to get a  baptismal date really soon!
Monday- We had Mission Leadership Conference (all of the Zone Leaders, District Leaders) led by President and the AP's. We discussed what we can improve in the mission and received training as new leaders. We established a standard of excellence, of 7 tours a day for each companionship which is a new key indicator for our mission! We have been doing great at it lately! It was 5 hours long.... then we all went to lunch in the Church Office Building.
Tuesday- The missionary Department is working with President Poulsen to see how we can improve our skills to better the experience of the guest here at Temple Square. So they had some District Leaders and Zone Leaders pair up to be shadowed. I was with Sister Tamara from Brazil and President and Sister Poulsen and a lady from the missionary Department Shadowed us on the square. They sat in while we talked with people and we even gave them a tour..... it was so intimidating hahaha. President got in character and decided to ask some of the weird questions people ask us on tours too, It was a funny. Kind of weird/great experience hahaha.
Wednesday- I went on Exchange with Sister Bellais from Tahiti in our District! She is so awesome, we gave a tour in French (made me want to learn it even more)! We were able to learn so much from each other and had a fun time teaching together!  It is inspiring to serve the sisters and see how dedicated they are and hear their testimonies while we teach. I will be on exchanges tomorrow and 3 times next week tooo.... busy busy.
Drinking MATE, a South American drink.
I'm basically Latina Now!

Thursday- We had Zone Conference for most of the day! It was so inspiring/motivating as usual! We received training from different sisters and President Poulsen led a discussion about the Atonement of Christ... It was so amazing. We talked about it from the beginning of Adam and Eve all the way to Judgement and Resurrection.... my note book is full, I can't even begin to type what I learned hahah. I will have to formulate my thoughts and share more in another email.
I am so grateful for the opportunity I have on my mission to have a greater understanding of the atonement of our Savior Jesus Christ. There is not greater calling then being a missionary and helping people seek to apply it and watch their lives change. It is infinite and is the reason we have hope and light in our lives.
Today we are going bowling for P-day!!! It is Sister Tata (Austrailia) Birthday in our district! She is an Office Assistant so we "decorated" her office this morning  with streamers haha.

Que tengan una buena Semana los quiero mucho mucho 

Sister Sughroue

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