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Week #33 - April 10th, 2015

Hello (:

Conference Weekend April 2015
I have to start with the most exciting news of coarse! I am going outbound to the Richmond Virginia mission! I will be gone for 3 months and get back in July! I found out on Monday, they put it in a new envelope so its like a brand new mission call... it was weird doing it all over again lol.  I am so excited to serve the people, get to know them and work with ward members! I was kind of praying for the East Coast because I have never been there and I heard it is so gorgeous! I know I
Conference April 2015
am sent there for a reason and I can't wait! Its also funny how I am replacing Sister Skaggs.... we now have the exact same mission call. haha. I leave on Wednesday and won't have a p day next week, so the next time I email will be on the 19th!

How did everyone enjoy General Conference and Easter?! It was great here! Packed with visitors from all over the world, I just loved talking to them and hearing their personal stories. Of course I ran into a bunch of people I knew from home and school too.  There is such a strong spirit when thousands of members gather together seeking for guidance and truth from our living prophet! We saw how many people came with open hearts sincerely wanting to know more and their prayers were answered. The past week we were inviting all our investigators and everyone to watch conference and come prepared with questions, we prayed for them and that they would be able to feel the spirit and recognize those answers!

Waiting to go into the Saturday Morning
session of Conference!
Mauri stopped by on her way home from BYU-I
We got to attend the Saturday morning session! We were sitting pretty close to the front on the left side, blessed to be a missionary in SLC (: I enjoyed all the talks and just was so happy we were able to go to the first session to start the weekend off great. When Elder Clayton got up and started to speak on how we must "Choose to Believe" I instantly thought of one of our investigators. I was praying in my heart that she was watching it at home. I texted her right after he finished speaking and she said, "Yep. That last guy should give the rest of the talks" hahaha she went on to say how she was bored and about to stop watching but her attention was caught by Elder Claytons talk, and that he answered all the questions she had written down at the beginning of the week. His talk helped
Mateas stopped by to say hi!
Friend from BYU-I
her realize that she shouldn't give up, even though finding her faith and making changes is hard. We have been teaching her for almost 5 months... her faith has increased slowly but so much. His talk helped her and reminded me that we should never stop seeking after the Light of Christ. And that we can say that we want to believe..... but we must act upon it. It is a choice, not something we just sit and wait for. After we continue to act upon it we will be reassured and feel the love of our Savior! When she told me how much his talk effected her I could not stop smiling! Miracle! It truly shows that God speaks to us and answers our prayers through his servants and other people. These men we heard speak in Conference last week are truly called of God. I know Thomas S. Monson is a true prophet, I am grateful for his love for all of us and the revelation he receives. I know Jesus Christ lives and this is his Church and he directs it. He is always by our side and when we follow his light we can be the happiest and find eternal life! 
I saw Taylor Ann right after
I opened my new mission call!

We have been busy giving lots of spanish tours and teaching over the phone this week! Tuesday we spent 4 hours in the morning deep cleaning our apartment.... it smells so much better now. hahaha. shout out to Mauri just saw her right before I wrote this email! hahah Love her! 

Sister Sughroue & Sister Polanco
Funny story this week Sister Polanco  said, "That guy has a big Egg, I mean Eggo" I looked at her and could not stop laughing and she was trying to say "Ego"...... never a dull moment with her. I am going to miss her so much, she has truly helped me laugh at everything and find joy in every moment of the day. Cant wait to visit all my companions from all around the world after the mission! 

Next time I talk to you I will be in Virginia!!!!! Yayyyyy! (:
President and Sister Poulsen

Love you all so much,

Sister Sughroue


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