Monday, April 20, 2015

Week #34 - April 20th, 2015


I am in the Richmond Virginia Mission!!! My new Companion is Sister Kellogg from Clovis California, she is American lol.
Sister Kellogg and Sister Sughroue
(She was just Sister Skagg's companion!)
And 5'11!!!!! Finally someone taller than me!!!! hahaha When I saw her I just freaked out because I knew we would get along great! She went to BYU I for a year before her mission too and we entered the MTC the same day so basically we just are the best of friends. She is an amazing missionary and is exactly obedient and driven to get the work done! So this Transfer is going to be awesome!  We are Serving up here in the Woodbridge 2nd ward only 2 hrs south of D.C.. I replaced Sister Skaggs!. Everything is super Greeeeennnn.
Virginia is so green!
I have no sense of direction anyways and the millions of trees hiding everything makes it so much worse hahah... luckily my companion drives  we have a silver Chevy Cruz, wooohoooo! We have one set of Elders and Sisters in our Ward sooo lots of work to be done! Our apartment is super nice and I love the people.... so life is  real goooood. O and the best part is the members are super stoked on helping with missionary work and love to feed us, so we get dinner almost everynight at 5. Yayyyy. Don't worry we have a Gym to work out in the morning tooo. hahaha

So in the past week alot has happened, so I'll just give a brief run down of all the exciting stuff!
We are trying to build our teaching pool, so working on finding lots of new prepared souls! We have been busy during the week working with lots of Less actives and       recent converts as well. 

Sister Sughroue & Sister Skagg's
In the Atlanta Airport
Yep! It was a blizzard!
On Wednesday Sister Kim and I woke up at around 4 because the trax left at 5:30 for the airport, but it was blizzarding outside of course the morning we had to walk there. We left SLC at 7 had a layover in Atlanta (Where I got to see Sister Skaggs!!!! as we traded places!) Then we landed in Richmond around 4. President Wilson and Sister Wilson picked us up, and took us out to eat. They are the nicest. He told us his goal for us to baptize, have fun and be happy! Sounds good to me! He interviewed us at the mission home and then assigned us to our area. We then got in the car and a Senior Couple drove us to our areas. Finally got to woodbridge after 9pm and met Sister Kellogg! 

Thursday we had District Meeting, but this time there were Elders there..... weird... coming from 200 sisters. lol. Then we weekly planned and I got up to date on our investigators, the Ward and our area! I found out that this mission is a TRACTING mission..... that is how we find! I actually like it.... it can be awkward but also really fun. It is different then approaching some one on Temple Square because I can't ask where are you from? Can we help you? or would you like a tour? hahaha but I am getting use to it!

Friday We found 2 new investigators from tracting! Jonelle and Nayshawn! Jonelle is 16 and has severe health issues. He is pretty much blind. They were outside of their house, we had a great conversation with them and they shared Christ has blessed there life. Prayed right there and invited them to be baptized. Jonelle almost cried, he said he has wanted too his whole life but has never had the chance! We plan to meet with them this week again. 

Love how everything
is so green!
Saturday we had a lesson with John, he is 22 years old. Sister Kellogg and Skaggs found him last week and this was our first solid lesson with him. We taught the restoration and it was awesome, he is so prepared and just soaks everything in. He wants to be baptized so we will be putting him on date this week! 
Our cute apartment!

Sunday- 3 hours of church in a family ward felt so Goood!!!! Our ward is great, very diverse and I cant wait to get to know everyone. John came for his second time and loved it! After church Every sunday we go to an assisted living facility to sing hymns to a group. They are all very old with dimentia but love our voices!!!! We sing then share why love that hymn and they love it, their eyes just light up and the spirit is strong, they even sing along sometimes, not the right words but they sing hahaha. We help them on Friday for 2 hours with their chair exercises too.

As soon as I got To Vriginia, met my companion and started the work everything felt so right. I know this is where the Lord needs me now. It hasnt even been a week and we have seen more progress within the area and our investigators!
Anyone who has served
a mission will find this
funny! I am going to miss
Sister Polanco! She was
so much fun!

Love you all!!!
Sister Sughroue

New Address incase you wanted to write me letters! 

15125 Beacon Ridge Drive. apt#111
Woodbridge, VA 22191

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