Monday, April 27, 2015

Week #35 - April 27th, 2015

Hello (:
I have only been in Virginia for less than 2 weeks and it feels like I have been here for months!
Sister Sughroue has been out 8 months already!
No sense of direction!
Sister Kellogg and I had a successful/adventurous week. We ate Lasangna 3 nights in a row... that's enough for the rest of my mission. So we can start with the adventure part. On Wednesday our Sister Training Leaders wanted to go out to lunch at Noodles and Company to discuss our transfer goals with us. So we plugged it into our GPS and the nearest one was 30+ min away, we were confused so we texted them the address to verify and they said that was right!! We are both new in the area so we just went with. So as we started driving we realized it was way our of area and we felt that we should keep turning back, but since our leaders said it was right we figured they knew what they were talking about so we kept going. We pulled over called them again to see if it was right and they said yessss.... so we finally pulled in to the noodles and company  and they sent us a text that said, "STOP thats out of the mission"! I looked at Sister Kellogg and didnt know if I should laugh or be worried hahaha. We got in the car and had a 40 min drive back to noodles and company in woodbridge. We just had a little road trip and couldn't help but laugh that 2 blondes would do that..... we had no idea we were out of our mission. Good thing we can repent. 

We had another lesson with Jonelle, and was able to teach the restoration, we have to give him the CD's to listen to the Book of Mormon because he can't read. We know he ca still gain a testimony of it that way.
Are we lost?
Teaching him just makes us smile because he has strong faith and always has new jokes to tell us. We already told him all the jokes we know, so if you have any please email them to me because we need some for next time we see him! We worked hard this week to contact potentials, referrals and visit less actives in the ward so we were pretty busy. We have found some awesome new people to teach through doing that and have seen growth in our investigators! We lost contact with John all week and were worried but he came to stake conference on Sunday and really liked it!

After Stake conference on sunday we had a lesson with Deandre. We found him on tuesday. We went to this sketchier part of town to contact a referral, that wasnt home. But we met him out side playing with his kids! I started to talk with him about how the Gospel of Jesus Christ can bless his family and he just opened up about how he has been on the verge of losing all faith but wants to meet with us. So we had a lesson with him on Sunday after stake conference! It went great, the spirit was there and he totally felt it. He read Moroni's promise in the Book of Mormon, and said,"Challenge accepted"!!! Sweet! We are meeting with him again this week. The member we brought with us to this lesson was pretty intense , and even cussed at one point.... which was awkward... but we brought the spirit back, so its all good. 

Sister Sughroue Tracting!
Every week as usual we go to the Elderly home to sing hymns and do chair exercises. It has turned into a great missionary opportunity because the nurses ask us questions and this week they sung with us! We taught them some of our hymns and they taught us their upbeat gospel songs, which I love!!!!! It was fun we got all the old folks to clap their hands and sing too! Music can change hearts and is so powerful!

Serving a mission you work with and get to see a huge variety of people who come from less fortunate circumstances. It makes me so grateful for my life. Growing up in the gospel, with an amazing family, clean and safe home with food always there. I wish I could give the same to all the people I meet, my heart breaks but I know that the first step is them accepting the gospel and their lives will change and be blessed. 

Much love,
Sister Sughroue

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