Friday, April 3, 2015

Week #32 - April 3rd, 2015

Beautiful Sister Missionaries from
Temple Square share the message of Easter
The square is getting really busy now with conference coming up! We went up to the U and had our zone activity! Which was a blast.  We were able to attend the General Womens meeting on Saturday and it was amazing, all focused on the family and celebrated the Family proclamation of 20 years. On sunday after music and the spoken word i ran into the whole Jacobsen Crew! Got to say bye to Jacquelyn one more time before she heads out to serve the Lord in Australia! 

Sister Sughroue & Temple Square
Sister Missionaries
This week we got a new investigator, Mary from Hungry on chat. She is 20 years old and is so special. She came on excited to tell us she has friends in the branch where she is from and she has talked to missionaries before. After chatting we asked if we could give her a call the next morning and she said Yes! The next morning we are on Splits with a girl named Lissa who is 18 and preparing to serve her mission, she is family friends with one of the senior couples and wanted to come out with the Temple Square Sisters. So Lissa called Mary with us and we had an amazing lesson. She goes to church every week, knows this is the true church, but is just stuck when it comes to baptism. She told us she really wants to gain a stronger testimony before she gets baptized. We explained that our testimonies are constantly growing and after she is baptized it will grow even more. We helped her feel more comfortable about being baptized, and invited her to pray about a date and to talk with the elders about it this weekend! Lissa was such a natural teacher and it was so amazing to hear her bear her testimony as we taught. It made me think of my first day and how scared I was, but she wasn't at all!

Sister Sughroue & Mary Jimenez
from Temecula
(Makayla's 3rd Grade Teacher!)
The Marshall's from Temecula
stopped by to say hi!
This morning we called Fred! He lives in California and is from the phillipines. He is the happiest most energetic person haha. I love talking to him but it is usually really hard to have him focus on the lesson, but today we had a miracle. Last time we invited him to be baptized and he said maybe. This time when we called him I could just notice there was something different about him, the spirit was definitely there. We asked him at the beginning of the week to write down questions that he had, so he started to ask us his questions but they all linked to baptism in a way. So he began to see the importance of it. We talked about why Jesus Christ was baptized and how we need to follow his example. He kept saying, "I feel Good, I really like that". It was the Spirit touching his heart. I invited him to be baptized again, and he said Yes. He wants this. He is excited to to talk with the Elders tomorrow  about a date and tell them while they watch conference! 

President Poznanski
& Sister Sughroue
(Tyler's 1st Mission President)
Thursday morning in Relief Society we had General Conference Training to focus on uplifting all those that we meet, and focusing on The ONE in the midst of thousands that will be here. It was great! I get to attend the Saturday morning session then on after the Sunday p.m. session I am announcing! 

Sister Sughroue & Sister Polanco
at General Women's Meeting
How awesome to have Conference and Easter in the same weekend! I am so excited for all our investigators to watch conference, feel the spirit, and hear the words of our beloved Prophet! The words of these inspired men and women bring us closer to Christ. With Easter the church launched a new video called "Because He Lives"! It is on so share it with all. I know Christ lives. And because He Lives, we can have happiness, eternal life, the ability to change, hope, comfort, and so much more. Because He Lives I am on a mission to help my brothers and sisters find him and experience his unmatchless love.  

I hope you all enjoy this weekend! You will be spiritually enriched! Can't wait to hear about your favorite talks! 

Love you all! HAPPY EASTER<3

-Sister Sughroue

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