Monday, May 4, 2015

Week #36 - May 4th, 2015

Pants on the ground... yup!

Potomac River

Potomac River
I am sure you all wondering about the subject line to this email.... don't worry I will explain later. It's getting really warm and humid here. And I think the heat is getting to everyone, we had a really interesting and memorable week. Last Pday we went to the beach of the Potamic River to sight see, then we made cookies to take to the less actives and members in our ward. On Tuesday we went tracting in this neighborhood of town homes and saw a bunch of black guys smoking weed at
Baking Cookies
the end so we decided to leave, as we were walking back to our car one of them yelled out, "You Mormon?" Sister Kellogg and I looked at each other and responded, "yea" kind of scared... hahaha and hesitantly started walking over to them. They started to ask a bunch of anti questions and all sorts of crazy. But we stood our ground and by the time we were done they were humbled.... they basically told us the restoration made perfect sense. Tevin was one of them who began to ask super sincere questions and ended up giving us his number for a return appointment. "Talent" is a aspiring rapper apparently and asked me on a date to "Chik-Fi- La" and was pretty bummed when he found out Sister Kellogg would have to come too. Don't worry we stood him up. hahahaha , but anyways we had a lesson with Tevin this week and he brought his friend Patricia! They both come from religious backgrounds and are in their early 20's,... and their fathers are pastors. It was an awesome lesson, the spirit was so strong and they left with a huge desire to read the Book of Mormon and want to continue to learn. They are 2 of our new investigators we found this week (: 

On Wednesday morning we helped a member clean her friends house who had passed away and left behind a husband
Sister Pinnock & Sister Sughroue
Were in the same
English Class at BYU-I
and 2 kids. It has been a while and we were grateful for the oppurtunity to serve this family. It was heavy duty cleaning because she was a hoader, yes like the tv show Hoarders. We are going back to help some more, as there is lots to be done.

A Member's house
Now for the explanation of the subject line.That afternoon we went over to visit a member in our ward who is mentally ill and Bi-polar. Because of her ups and downs we only visit once in a while for spiritual upliftment....She is a kind of bigger with facial hair and has been in and out of the hospital lately. We were knocking on the door  and no one was home, so we were about to write a note to leave and she came around the corner very upset. She seemed disturbed and gave us forceful hugs and told us to come inside and she would explain. We walk in and she locks the door and begins to yell about the church, bishop, and all sorts of stuff. We just were standing in her entry way and she sat in her recliner chair continuing to go on about all sorts of crazy. Then she randomly stood up and TOOK HER PANTS COMPLETELY OFF... and started walking towards Sister Kellogg, trying to hug her!!!!! We were freaking out.... the spirit was obviously gone and we were disgusted. She was asking Sister Kellogg to comfort her and I immediately said "WE NEED TO GO NOW"... then she
Zone Meeting of Sisters
started to come towards me.... AHHHHHHH I unlocked the door and as fast as I could,  we sprinted to the car and were dying laughing, shaking and almost crying hahahahah. We couldn't believe that it happened and just drove straight to the church and called the bishop and relief society president. So now no missionaries are allowed over there, and we are scarred for life. hahaha. Every time we even think of it we start laughing uncontrollably.... Sister Kellogg likes to sing the song
Making homemade pizzas
"Pants on the Ground" now. lols. It was actually really terrifying but nothing bad happened and we are okay so the best thing to do is laugh! Didn't know my outbound experience would be so eventful hahaha.  

Anyways I can't wait to skype home on Sunday for Mothers Day!!!! Yayyyyyy! Finally get to see your face<3

Hope you all got a good laugh! 

Much Love, 
Sister Sughroue

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