Monday, July 6, 2015

Week #45 - July 6th, 2015

Sister Hilton &
Sister Sughroue

Sister Thornley Sister Sughroue
My last week in Virginia was a good one! I served in Dale City which is the neighboring city to Woodbridge (kind of like Temecula and Murrietta).It is a super nice area with big suburban homes and lots of military family. I was Sister Thornley from Farmington, Utah who just finished her first transfer. President Poulsen emailed me and asked me to train a new missionary from the MTC when I get back on Wednesday. So thats exciting! It was kind of fun to "train" Sister Thornley this past week. Grateful that he and the Lord has put their trust in me to fulfill this calling. 
On Monday Sister Kellogg and I went and explored Downtown Occuquan and Tuesday I drove 5 minutes to my new area hahaha. Even though I only served in Dale City for a week, I definitely saw the Lords hand in our work and grew to love the people I met. We spent most of our time  getting in touch with Less actives and investigators in the Elders area, because they took the Elders out last transfer and now the Sisters are responsible for the whole ward. We were busy with work and the Lord placed many special people in our path. I hope the Sisters are able to teach them after I 

Chamberlain Family
4th of July Parade
Hope everyone had a great 4th of July! I am so grateful that we live in a country with religious freedom that allowed the gospel to be restored and for us to live it! We spent the morning marching in a parade with our District, A few wards got together and made a float. Members came and we wore Mormon helping hand vests, passed out candy and cards! It was way fun! The Elders stood in Front with a Banner for the Church and we were able to just march along and street contact for 2+ miles! I'll include pictures (I think alot are on the Dale City ward FB page). I practiced my princess wave and think I got it down pretty good. Great exposure for the Church, and It was fun to march along with the amazing members out here! After they had fair food and a member bought us BBQ and fried oreos....Yesss the fried oreo was delicious and I thought I had died and gone to heaven! hahaha Sister Thornley spent the day visiting investigators and formers to get in contact with them.... not to many people like missionaries knocking on the door when they are drinking a beer with a bunch of family over we soon realized hahaha. We got a fourth of July Burger at the Halls home for dinner.... so it was pretty good 4th afterall. 

Okay this is random but super cool. Everyone here works for the government or is in the military. The Halls are a young couple in the Ward and we had dinner with Them on Friday and they fed us the burgers on saturday. The cool part is that they both work for the FBI!!! Sister Hall is a white collar Agent, she is such a boss. They just told us some crazy stories and
Bringhurst Family
answered our questions over dinner. She basically does exactly what the show "White Collar" is. It made me want to be an FBI agent for like 2 days and then I realized there is no way I could do that in real life. haha. We joked around we would help her catch this guy she is looking for her by tracting, and she could come with us as a missionary in disguise. She loved the idea, so we are now on the lookout for him. hahaha jk. 

It was sad to hear about the passing of Elder Packer. I am grateful for these men who are truly called of God and dedicate their life in the Lords service. It will be a special experience to back at Temple Square for his funeral on Friday. 

Downtown Occuquan
Tomorrow I drive down to Richmond spent the night in the mission home and then leave for Temple Square wednesday morning. I dont know when my next Pday, it could be back to anyday now. Virginia will always have a special place in my heart, I learned so much out here, grew to love all the people and came closer to my Savior. I know that this is his work, and I'll go where he needs me. I know there is great work to be done back on Temple Square and I will be his servant. 

I think thats about it! 
Hope everyone has a great week! 

Love you all Lots!
Sister Sughroue

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