Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Week #47 - July 21st, 2015 "STAYING ALIVE"

Selfie with the Fox Cousins
who stopped by the Square
Sister Sughroue
Sister Chazen (From South Africa)
Sister Eging
Hello sooooo I Got lots of Good news and some blehhh news, so we will start with the blehh and end on a good note! (:
It was a rough weekend, I started to get sick on saturday and slept all day Sunday until they got me into the doctors monday. My throat was swollen and ear ached on my left side, I couldn't even swallow my spit,  and I had to force my self to drink water which hurt so bad I cried like a baby. hahaa so Sister Skaggs took me to the Doctor. I had a 102 fever and they took my blood to test me for a few different things, it is some type of bacterial infection. They have me on Antibiotics and a ton of Ibuprofin. Doctor wrote Sister Poulsen saying I can not work at all for a week and have to stay off the Square and home. President Poulsen and Elder Richardson gave me a priesthood blessing of healing. Sister Skaggs got my medicine and went to the store to get me soup and ice cream, she is the best <3 I am being taken care of. I feel better today after being on the medicine and receiving the blessing, hoping I heal fast so I don't die of boredom being stuck in my apartment for a week, I have just been studying and napping. Sister Eging will be on exchange with our Zone leaders all week and they take turns to come be with me or they stick the sick sisters in my apartment so they can go on square. I feel bad I can't be there with my companion especially that she is training but she is so great and is taking good care of our people.
NOW FOR THE GOODNEWS, the Lord has blessed us with 6 new investigators this week to teach!!!! Every time we found a new one, I looked at Sister Eging and would say GOD IS GOOD HE LOVES US!  We found all these amazing people on the square just contacting people. Each contact was so powerful and had something unique and special about them. I wish I could explain them all in detail but I will give a brief explanation on a few! One engaged couple who was here for vacation, we took them to Gods plan and they were crying because they were so touched, the mans Dad passed away 2 weeks ago and he really wants to know more if he will be able to see him again. They texted us a few days later saying they decided they wanted to move to SLC and were looking for houses along with planning to go to an LDS church very soon. They are coming back to the square this week and hopefully my companion will be able to meet up with them! Another tender experience was when
Temple Square sunsets
are incredible!
Larry and his wife walked into the South VC and I said hello, I asked if he was familiar with our beliefs and he said,"No but can you sit down with me and tell me" So i sat down with them and taught them the restoration. When he heard the 1st vision, he felt the spirit so strongly his eyes started to lighten up. I gave him a Book of Mormon and he insisted on paying me for it, when I told him it was free he was sooo grateful. He knew how precious this Book was, he was so touched he reassured us he would read it and he really wanted to learn more of what we shared. He was just filled with the light of Christ.

This experience along with finishing the Book of Mormon this week reminded me how precious the Book of Mormon truly is. It is the keystone to our religion. It contains the fullness of the Gospel of our Savior Jesus Christ. It is a witness that God loves all his children and continues to call prophets. This past couple months reading it, I have come closer to my Savior. Understanding the role of his atonement in my life, and the lives of those I teach. I felt his love and gained a deeper understanding of him through each page. He knows me personally and is in the very detail of my life everyday. Our Heavenly Father is so eager to bless us as he was of the people in those days. It is precious.
I got 2 sweet surprises this week! On Friday Aunt Diann came with baby Josh and some of the girls! I finally got to meet him, o my goshhh he is sooo  stinkin cute! It was so good to see them! I freaked out when I got a text saying that she was here!  Such a sweet surprise. Then on Sunday, I saw Hayley for a little bit.... who is now engaged! O my goshhhh Where
Love my Fox Cousins and Aunt DiAnn!
did the time go, It feels like we were at stake dances being each others wingmans and bumping into the cute guys. lolz. Just photo shop Brooke, Jacquelyn and I into the wedding pictures!

We also got reassigned to Beehive House for a couple of days a week. The summer is so busy!
Welp That sums up my week! Hope everyone is loving life. This week I will be studying the Gospels in the New Testament and Jesus the Christ with all the free time I have!
Much love, 
Sister Sughroue

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