Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Week #71 - January 5th, 2016 HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

Happy New Year! Hello 2016!
Sister Weidmann &
Sister Sughroue
Sister Weidmann my companion
and the
cutest Philippiana we have
 The Lights turned off Sunday night, and the Square has really slowed down.... so send people here!!! We are praying for it! There are still people to talk too, just sometimes they got bombarded by every sister on the Square, but hey the more times they are introduced to the gospel the better. We found out President and Sister Risenmay start on the 15th, so this week we are having a farewell for the Poulsens :( So sad to see them go! They both have been tearing up everytime we sing our Temple Square edition to called to serve lately!  New Year's Eve we bought some sparkling cider and had a little party with our roommates... still went to bed on time so we pretended it was midnight lol. I love being a missionary this time of the year because people are really looking to change and become better, and the only way it is possible is through Jesus Christ so we have been focusing on that! 

  This week we found some amazing new investigators on the square, God just led us right to them! I learned again that God's timing is perfect and different for everyone. Months ago while I was companions with Sister Eging, we met Michelle and her boyfriend who is a member of the church.. we started to meet with her and teach the lessons, she needed some time to study and think on her own... we were kind of sad but knew we would stay in touch. Yesterday I reached out to her and found out she wants to be baptized! Sometimes we just need to trust in God, he knows his children and will always take care of them!  (: 
Sister Zafarana from Italy in my zone! 

 I finished the Book of Mormon again. Honestly, every time I read it I just know its true. Ask yourself if any man could right such a book? Let alone a man with little education in the 1800's. It is of God, written by his prophets. It testifies of our Savior and contains the fullness of the gospel. I hope all of us continue to read it over and over... no matter how many times we already have. The spirit will always confirm to us the truthfulness and we will come come closer to our Savior and understand his plan for us. I wish every person who came to Temple Square left with a copy knowing they could feel the same way. 
Well that's about it for this week. 
Love you all!
Finished the Book of Mormon again.... it's true, once again(:

Sister Sughroue

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