Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Week #74 - January 26th, 2016 - Jews Make the Best Mormons


    This week was great! We received countless calls of every southern baptist out there requesting a free bible, because they saw the Churchs add on their bible app. hahaha. The phone calls with them are so interesting, we always offer a Book of Mormon... then they go on " A Bible, a Bible... we don't need another bible" hahaha but we found some new!
Sister Sughroue, Sister Vasi, Micah & Janna

   The most exciting thing this week was the baptism of Micah! I have never seen anybody so happy after they came up out of the water, he literally glowed and just took a moment standing there smiling at everyone. When we first showed up someone left the font on and the whole level of the church was flooded.... so we all got our feet wet and got to participate! hahaha. On Sunday we got to go to his confirmation, and be there when he recieved the aaronic priesthood and ordainded a Priest. It was a really special moment for everyone there. On a side note, that was the most awkward mid singles ward I have ever been to in my entire life, hopefully the last. It was interesting. At least we know Micah is truly converted to the gospel! And I realized that I actually don't want to wait 10 years to get married. As a missionary you meet and teach people, and learn sometimes even more than they do! That was the case with Micah, because of his Jewish background and journey to find Christ, he totally understands the covenants he has made and the power of the priesthood he holds. He will do amazing things as a member of this church!  Micah and Janna are family to us now! They get married April 23rd, then sealed next year! We will be going. Micah bore his testimony and shared his story at the baptism so Sister Vasi and I will sum it up for ya...

 He talked of his journey in finding the true church. He asked his Rabbis about why there are no prophets after
Micah's Baptism
Malachi? No one could answer him, he noticed that there was a gap, where there was revelation from God & then they stopped, why? He wanted to know but no one could answer. So he went off to college. He tried to go to the Lutheran church, Catholic, Baptist, Calvinist, etc. He read about every religious text you can think of, from all different religions. He went to all these churches, they told him things he already knew, they talked of how we must believe in Christ, Repent! Every time he would sit and listen something inside of him was telling him that this was wrong, this is not the right one, I want you to be somewhere else. He said their message would pretty much say that he was going to Hell like everyone else. He would say to them, “Yes I know that I must repent, I have already accepted Christ, what next? What do you want me to do about that?” Usually there was just silence. He moved here from Colorado, he’s been here for about 2 years.  He had been warned about the Mormons and he didn’t want to date a Mormon.  He stayed clear of the Mormon ladies, well tried to as best as he could, but then he met a beautiful woman named Janna. They started talking and they fell in love, he was already interested in her by the time he realized that she was a Mormon! She asked if he would want to go with her to church. He said yes, and it’s like he just felt a familiarity as he sat in church, he felt like this was it, this is where God wants him to be, it’s true. But before he got to believing he made sure to ask God for signs to help him know if it be right. Every Sunday for about 8 consecutive Sundays he went to church with her. And each and every time, he received a witness and a sign that this was true. If he read about baptism the other day, that following Sunday they talked of Baptism. Sure enough every Sunday, there was a sign that was tailor made for Micah. If he was reading in the JSH, they would talk of Joseph Smith. He was reading about families they studied the Family Proclamation. And God knew Micah needed many signs to help him realize that this was right! After that Micah prayed Friday night to help him know what to do next, he knows that this is true, what next? So he asked Heavenly Father that night to help him know. He tells Janna randomly that he wants to go to Temple Square the next day. God answered his prayers he met Sister Vasi and her old comp Sister Chamberlain. Transfers and I was blessed to start teaching him with Sister Vasi. God directed Micah's whole life and journey. It truly is amazing. He is converted. And I am just grateful God let me be a small part of his journey finding Christ's church. 
My Tongan brother, Sione!

Other Highlights of the week (:
The world wide mission conference "Teach repentance and Baptize Converts" was amazing!!!!! Learned so much from the apostles and leaders who taught! 
Sione my tongan brother brought us dinner this week, cuz he's the best!
I ate chicken heart.... it taste exactly what you think it would taste like. bleh.
On a tour this week in the Beehive we heard noises upstairs, the guests got scared, we got scared and called security... they laughed and said it was the old heater upstairs, not sure if I believe that but its probably Karma from me scaring the sisters a couple months ago. 
Monday is transfer conference! My last one, I will find out my new companion and assignment. Geeeeez time flies. Not gonna lie I hate transfer conferences, with 200 sisters everyone has anxiety. hahaha. 

Much love, 
Sister Sughroue

The following is a sequence of pictures of Sister Sughroue eating her 1st chicken heart!

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