Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Week #75 - February 3rd, 2016 TRANSFER 13... Where did the time go?

Hello Family and Friends!

Bowling last P-Day!

Bowling with Sister Vasi
    This week we had transfers.... so we got the big news. I am staying with Sister Weidmann as Zone Leaders, and we are in a trio with Sister Haight (from Virginia) as our Junior Companion. It is super random, we were shocked to say the least, so it will be interesting as she will be on lots of exchanges while we have meetings and zone leader responsibilities, but here we go! I have never been in a trio before, Sister Haight and I finish our missions together, so poor Sister Weidmann has to kill the 2 of us at the same time. hahaha. Trio's are just awkward, but gonna make the best of it because it's my last 7 weeks.  They took us out of the Beehive and put us over Welfare Square. So we will be giving tours there on Mondays. I am going to miss the beehive house and the amazing sisters in our zone! I have grown to love the history of the church so much, especially Brigham Young and the Pioneers. Knowing the
Sister's Rasheeds
(Twins from Pakistan) left home to Pakistan
 They are the only Mormons I know
in Pakistan and are my favorite! <3
history helped me better understand the gospel, and appreciate all the sacrifices the early members of the church made to come here. The Mormon pioneers are my heroes. They were chosenpeople, and I believe they had the strongest testimonies and that's why they had to come at that time... I don't think all of us could handle leaving everything behind to move west. Thousands come to temple square each year to hear the history, to look at the flowers and buildings, but I always ask them, "Would you like to know WHY they came here?" The WHY is what matters. The WHY is their faith in Jesus Christ and knowing he had called a prophet again to restore his church. I fell in love with the history of that scary old beehive house, I sure will miss it!

       I can't believe I am going into my last transfer!!!! It is crazy, I remember coming into the mission my first
The Moores, a senior couple in our mission finish this next week. 
I have adopted them as my mission parents.
They have become family and life long friends,
They had us over for a delicious dinner
 <3 I'm gonna miss them! 
transfer and feeling that march 2016 was so far away, and now its almost here. Wow, I am glad I still have 7 weeks to finish strong and do my best work for the Lord. I know I am going to learn a lot this transfer! My only goal is to become more converted every day, and I know that will happen as I testify to everyone I meet. One of my favorite feelings in the world is "the missionary high" being filled with the spirit while testifying to others about the restored Gospel and our Savior Jesus Christ. It's really hard to describe, but you just feel filled with the spirit from head to toe, on spiritually on fire, you don't think about what to say, and the words aren't coming from you at all... completely from God. You leave the conversation, having your testimony strengthened 10x. It is amazing. It's true that the more you share your testimony the stronger it gets.... but I never experienced it as powerful as this until my mission. We have been working with a less active who is our age... he just moved here and is ready to find answers for himself. Our lessons are amazing, because I leave with a stronger testimony each time, we talk about the simplest things, but the gospel is simple. It's beautifully simple, and that's what we are trying to help him understand. We have some great people we are working with and have met that we hope to help them prepare for baptism this transfer! 

I hope everyone has an amazing week!

Much love, 

Sister Sughroue

p.s. We went bowling last week, and I won!!!! So not only has my testimony grown, but also my bowling skills.... I got two strikes! I'll send pictures. (:
Yes, I got a Strike!
No Bowling Pins behind me!
P-Day fun Bowling!

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