Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Week #77 - February 17th, 2016 - HAPPY LATE VALENTINE'S DAY!


Thanks Mom for the goodies!
Happy Late Valentines Day! Hope you had a great day!  Besides being asked to take pictures of all the couples here, we had a great one too! hahaha. Thanks to moms package we passed out valentines and heart stickers to little kids all day, they loved it! 
Rockin' our Valentine's Glasses!
We had Zone Conference this week and it was amazing, the departing missionaries got to bare testimony, and I couldn't believe that met me. I remember sitting my whole mission watching sisters get up and testify  and give such good advice, and it was finally my turn. Is this real life?! I testified of my love for the Savior and how this is his work, we must never forget him. We must study his life, come to know him through prayer and applying the atonement so we can do his work his way. Say what he would say and do what he would do. When we focus our lives on the Savior the rest seems to fall into place. He is the only source to light, hope and happiness. Zone Conference was  on the unique message of the Restoration we have to share as missionaries. It was all focused on the core things God wants his children to know, and all that we have because of the restoration. We made a list on the board with President Risenmay and it all comes down to because God loves us and wants us to know the fullness of Christ teachings, he called a Prophet again, Joseph Smith who literally saw God and Jesus Christ, as a result to his humble prayer searching for truth. Everything we have the priesthood, baptism, temples, the Book of Mormon, Eternal Families, knowledge of the plan of salvation, hope, happiness,  BYU football and soooooo much more is because of the Restoration, because God loves us. That is the most important message we have to share, and we tie everything on Temple Square back to it. We have seen the power in our contacts and lessons this week as we have been focused on testifying of this Message to everyone! 

The Moore's came to visit!
Last week Sister Weidmann met Derek in the Assembly Hall. Derek was visiting for business and decided to come by, he is the only non member in his family. His wife and children all converted a few years ago. After a good conversation, Derek left feeling tugged by the spirit that now was time to know. He felt the spirit so strongly that he didnt want it to leave him, he went home and everything changed. He began to read the Book of Mormon everyday to have this feeling with him, he felt a difference in his home and family, and the biggest of all, himself. We kept in touch through the phone, and He told us that he knew he needed to be baptized to stay this way and really knows that this is Christs true church. Well on Monday Derek was back in town for business again and came by to visit with us at Temple Square. We got to have a lesson with him as we walked around Temple Square. He is prepared, he really has humbled himself before God and desires to have an eternal family more than anything. He plans to be baptized
The Blond Trio!
before march. Miracles on Temple Square happen everyday. Every single person who walks on to the grounds is here for a reason whether they know it or not, Derek didn't come expecting to have that experience. And we were blessed to see what came of his experience here. Most of the time we don't see all the fruits of our work here, but that's okay because I have a strong testimony that God is in control and knows all his children perfectly, he will take care of them. I am just so blessed  to be an instrument here at Temple Square. 

The work continues to progress! Michele's baptism was moved to next weekend, but we will still be attending. I have been contacting lots of formers and dropped lately to find out they are more prepared to learn now, so we are excited to see what comes of those. 

Staying warm!
On Fridays they have a program for the departing sisters through LDSBC for us to prepare to get jobs when we get home. Its mostly too help the international sisters, but its just a perk for us americans, we get some sort of certificate for completing the course too. Anways its super fun, we talk about how we can apply everything we learned on our missions to after in the work field. Pretty cool!

Well have an amazing week!

Dad came by to say hi!
Sister Sughroue
The Konold's stopped by
with a package from MOM!

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