Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Week #76 - February 10th, 2016

Hello everyone! 
Jason.... our new movie star friend.
He stars in 17 miracles and Ephraims rescue! 

    ".... for the man looketh on the outward appearance, but the Lord looketh on the heart." 1 Samuel 16:7.Well let me tell you God definitely has taught me a lot this past week. I thought that as a missionary I got pretty good at not judging others.... I was wrong, I still got a lot to improve. I have developed love and charity for people so deeply, that before I didn't think I could. There is nothing more amazing than Christlike love, and I know its not from me, but him just merely him working through me. It comes through earnest prayer, humility and service. 
    Our focus for our zone this transfer, is for our sisters to come to know the Savior and be more converted. And then in return they can become like him and help others come unto him. We can't say what he would say, teach what he would teach, and be like him. Unless we are trying everyday to come to know him more and more. Serving at Welfare Square goes perfectly along with this, as the whole tour is based off of the way the Savior served and loved others. 
    The Trio life is quite entertaining, instead of just 1 person to laugh at and with, now I have two! Plus we have
Ran into Addisons old companion! 
not only 2 witnesses of the this message now but 3, all the more powerful! All 3 of us have very strong personalities and it works, it was an adjustment at first but now its pretty fun. Sister Haight is the most blunt and straight forward person I have ever met, so we are constantly laughing in shock of what she says hahaha. This week Sister Haight and I were talking about how excited we were to have grilled cheese and soup for dinner, we asked Sister Weidmann if she wanted some and she got super excited and said, "Yeah! I think ill put mine on top of some chips!" we looked at each other so confused, and just started busting up laughing.... she thought we were literally going to grill just plain cheese and then needed put it on something!  We all just died laughing. hahaha. Grilled cheese is truly american. 
    Good news! Michele is getting baptized on February 20th, in SLC! So we get to go in person!!!!  I can't believe it, It's been over 6 months since the first time we met and I stopped them from leaving the VC with out asking if she got a Book of Mormon and exchanging information. haha. 
    We had an amazing tour yesterday with a boy band! They aren't too famous but were touring and stopped in SLC, one of the guys is a member of the church and brought his 3 bandmates here
Early Valentines day gift, from Sisters who I love so 
to learn more. At the beginning I asked them if they believed in God, they all gave an on the fence answer. Through out the tour we were really able to get to know them and their concerns, they have been through so much losing a loved band member in an accident that they have so many questions and doubts. The spirit touched their heart and we promised them they could find those answers in the Book of Mormon. They were like sponges soaking everything in the whole time. When we offered a Book of Mormon they leaped at the response to have one, and all referred to learn more. We are really excited to teach them!
    Monday we had Mission Leadership Council, Tuesday Welfare Square training and tomorrow we have zone conference!  I am excited for all I will learn tomorrow
Sister Brooke Carpenter!
Returns With Honor!!!

And shout out to my best friend Sister Carpenter, for Returning with Honor from Montreal, Canada!!! Can't believe we are at this point, seems like yesterday we were at BYU-idaho so confused with life trying to decide if we were going to serve! And now I can't believe why I made that decision so difficult hahaha.Then being right down the hall from each other in the MTC. I honestly wouldn't be here if it wasn't for your example, love and encouragment, before and throughout the mission. I love you. You did it. You fought a good fight, you gave the Lord everything you have. <3 Continue to move forward and upward!
Sister Sughroue

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