Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Week #78 - February 24th, 2016 -- MISSIONS ARE HARD


Playing in the rain!
Karlie stopped by
after going to the
Provo City Center Temple
Open House
   Its starting to warm up on Temple Square and more people are coming out! We had awesome week, I know Isay that all the time. Its true though. Seriously, I love serving the Lord everyday.... there is no greater joy than preaching his gospel, doesn't mean that we have great success, that antis didn't attack us online and on the square everyday or there aren't hard times, but this time is such a privilege and is way to short to not focus on the positive. This week I will hit my 18 month mark and have 4 more weeks to go, honestly I don't know how in the world it went by this fast. I have reflected a lot on this past year and a half lately. All I have learned, experienced and became with the help of the Lord. I can't even begin to list all I have learned about my self and the gospel. O geeez, there have been so many life changing, testimony building and inspiring experiences. Times where I literally felt the Savior walking side by side with me. There have been times of humbling, testing of faith, times where I didn't know if I could keep going. But if we push through those hours, days, weeks, and months there is always something better ahead, always. "There are far better things ahead than any we leave behind." The Lord never ceased to surprise me on my mission, he always came through.... sometimes he just asked me to hold on a little longer than I thought I could, to make me stronger. Now I'm here at my 18 month mark, looking back thinking "How inthe world did I do it?" I know how, it was Him. It is only possible to do his work with him by your side. It was not a sacrifice, it was a blessing. It is the best decision I ever made, and the fact I get to do 19 months is just icing on the cake. haha. I am far from perfect. So please don't expect that when I step off the plane, but I have been able to become more of who my Heavenly Father wants me to be, and will continue to try to do that everyday. 

A Mission buddy, Sister Worthen, who has become a life long best friend summed it up perfectly: 

Spring is here...
it will snow again!
"Missions are hard because you think you know the gospel once you leave
the MTC and then all of a sudden you don't know anything beyond the
first article of faith (and sometimes you even forget that!). Missions
are hard because you are assigned a friend who has no choice to be
around you 24/7. Missions are hard because you care about people who
don't care about you. Missions are hard because all your weaknesses
are magnified and you feel you don't have enough time to work on them.
Missions are hard because you feel so strongly about the message you
were sent to share and no one wants to listen. Missions are hard
because you feel like you will never be good enough...for anything or
anyone. Missions are hard because sometimes people forget to email.
Missions are hard because sometimes you just want to sleep in past
6:30a.m. Missions are hard because sometimes you eat cake at 9:30 am
and can't fall asleep by 10:30 pm. Missions are hard because everyone
always talks about how much weight they have gained. Missions are hard
because sometimes people just drop off the face of the earth when you
thought they were progressing so well. And missions are hard because
by the time you finally think you know what you are doing, you are
down to last 4 weeks and it's time to think about the fact that there
will be a life after this is over.

Does it sound hard to you? Maybe not like it has felt to me? However,
let me finish this email by completing my sentence "Missions are
hard.... But they are also wonderful. "

Missions are wonderful because you don't have to know everything, you
just to know how to rely on the spirit. Missions are wonderful because
your companion becomes not just an assigned friend, but a best friend!
Missions are wonderful because you learn that the greatest commandment
Sister Eging, Lauren, Griffin
& Sister Sughroue
You make life-long friends
on a mission!

is to love, no matter what the return is. Missions are wonderful
because your weaknesses can be turned into strengths (Ether 12:27)
and that is a promise. Missions are wonderful because you learn about
agency and that there is only so much we can do to help. Missions are
wonderful because you don't have to be good enough for anyone here,
you just have to remember you are good enough for Him, who suffered
and died for you. Missions are wonderful because on the weeks when
people don't email, you can send really long emails home instead of
rushing to respond. Missions are wonderful because waking up after
6:30am is never worth missing out on the miracles that come from
obedience. Missions are wonderful because you understand weight
doesn't matter, health does. Missions are wonderful because God will
always prepare people for you to teach as long as He can trust you
with them. And missions are wonderful because they never really end,
the memories don't, the work doesn't, and the world is waiting with
its arms wide open, full of opportunities, ready to receive you."

Life is Wonderful. Keep your eyes open and look around, God is there by your side. 
Behind the scenes at Deseret Dairy, free chocolate milk!

Have a wonderful week, 

Much love, 

Sister Sughroue

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