Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Week #72 - January 12th, 2016


President & Sister Poulson
Brother & Sister Moore
(my mission parents)
We had another amazing week! Alexandra from Switzerland was baptized (i'll explain later)! We went on exchanges with our District Leaders this week and had a great time, learning and teaching with them! Getting to go out with different sisters is such a blessing. 
 This was President and Sister Poulsen's last week, they finish on Thursday and then we have a meeting with President Risenmay Friday morning. As a mission we decided to put together something special to thank the Poulsens. We all made a video saying why we love them, marked our favorite scripture and signed our name in a Book of Mormon and gave it to them. On Thursday, we have Relief Society, so it started out normal and when it came time for the lesson the AP's ask President and Poulsen to take a seat in the crowd... they
President & Sister Poulson
w/my MTC group
were so surprised! Different zones came up and sang songs, recited poetry and did skits dedicated to them. Our Zone combined with another and sang "For Good" from the Musical Wicked. We picked it because the Words were perfect for what we wanted to tell them, "Because I knew you, I have been changed for Good". When we practiced we got a little emotional, but when we stood there singing and President and Sister Poulsen started to cry, we lost it. They had such a huge impact on helping me become the missionary I am today, because of them I truly am changed. I am eternally grateful for them, and know that part of the reason I was sent to this mission was because of them. On Sunday they gave their farewell talks in church, and the chapel was packed! SO many returned Temple Square Sisters came back to support them so it was good to see them too! 
MTC Roomies
17 months later
  So for Alexandra's baptism.... Sister Weidmann and I have connected the dots since being companions. Almost 1 year ago I met a Swiss exchange girl, Alexandra on Temple Square, so I called for a Swiss German tour for her. Sister Weidmann came to take her around. They just happened to be from the same little village in Switzerland! At the time she wasn't super interested in learning more, but Sister Weidmann got her connected with her little Sister who was at home. In August, Sister Weidmann heard from her Sister that she was in contact with Alexandra, and actually going to institute and church with her every week! Her whole family was able to fellowship her and on Saturday she was baptized into Sister Weidmanns home ward in Switzerland! TEMPLE SQUARE MIRACLE.  We got permission from President to Skype because sister Weidmanns family would be there, and he said, "Well if its okay with you, Thats just icing on the cake!" haha. So we skyped and got to see her family and Alexandra, the chapel was packed... she was welcomed and very well taken care of in that ward! She bore her testimony and the spirit was so strong, I got tears in my eyes.... through skype you can still feel the spirit! haha 
MTC Companions &
1 Transfer on the Square
Sister Vasi & Sister Sughroue
I got my whole nose numbed this week, when I went to the doctors..... (strangest feeling in the world) and then stook a camera up there.... hahaha so I got to see what the inside looks like on a big TV. weird but awesome! lolz.
 We are having our Zone Activity! We are having mexican food, games and a guest speaker! Diana Hoelscher is a church motivational speaker (kind of like John Bytheway) and short story we got connections and she is town and volunteered to come speak to us! yayyy! 

   What cracks me up is when I ask members how missionary work is going... and they say, "Uhhhhh, there isn't much to do I live in utah and everyone I know is mormon."  ummm excuse me... I'm a missionary in Utah! What do you think I am doing? I wouldn't be here if there wasn't work to do! hahaha. If all your friends are mormon, branch out and say hi to people at the store! There are opportunities all around, we don't need to pray for opportunities to share the gospel, we need to pray for the spiritual sensitivity to be aware of them and the courage to act and open our mouths. Try it this week! 

Much love, 
Sister Sughroue

At the ENT at UofU Clinic
"It's my nose on the screen" LOL

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