Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Week #54 - September 8th, 2015

Sister Sughroue & Sister Worthen
from new Zealand
I would first like to point out that the reason BYU won the game was because Sister Eging and I prayed really hard. Your welcome Adam. Our investigator we have been trying to get to meet with the local missionaries for a while now texted us Saturday morning and said, "I'll text the local missionaries if BYU beats Nebraska" We were laughing, and knew she was serious and we had faith our prayers would be answered.... we were specific. This was a miracle. And she met with the missionaries this week. THE POWER OF PRAYER IS REAL.
Evelyn from my outbound in Woodbridge, VA was baptized on Saturday. We got to skype in and talk with her!!!! I said hi to Sister Kellogg and all my favorite members. It was a special experience to watch her enter the waters of baptism and see how far she has come. The spirit was so strong and I got kind of teary eyed as I reflected on the first time we knocked on her door, all her lessons and prayers we said for her. She was glowing and just so happy!!!! Thank goodness for technology.  We are excited for the 19th Carlos and his family, and Feather will be getting baptized then!
Skyping Evelyn's Baptism
in Virgina!

I am just full of JOY! I love my mission so much, not everyday is easy, nor is talking to antis fun but it is well worth it. The people I have met and continue to meet, change me. This is the happiest I have been and I know its because I am walking side by side with my Savior. Doing his work, his way. 
Sister Sughroue & Sister Eging
Present the Mission 5k Challenge!
We finalized the plans for the mission 5k it is on October 24th. We presented it during Relief Society and the mission was all excited. Since then the number of sisters running at the highschool track in the morning has tripled or more.... we are all getting "more fit for the kingdom". 

At Temple Square we are bound to have crazies that come on.... security seemed to be our best friend this week. We got em on speed dial. Sister Bequette and I were on exchange sunday morning and walked up the Christus and saw a lady in a grey sweats and shirt, no shoes, crosses drawn with markers on her hands and feet walking circles around the christus. Sweet some excitement... because the square has been slower lately. A senior Couple told us she went 33 times around one way and then started to go the other.... so we decided to go talk to her, when we approached she ran away. Then security came and she ran through the building and out the gates from them....
Sister Kellogg &
Evelyn at her baptism!
hahahaha never a dull moment here.

Today was sister Bequettes Birthday so we surprised her with Breakfast. Then President Poulsens Birthday is tomorrow so
Sister Palonco is so mean! LOL
Sisters made over 450 cupcakes and we put them all together and surprised him in the front of his office!
Have an amazing week!
Sister Sughroue

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