Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Week #55 - September 15th, 2015


Sister Sughroue & her cute little
companion, Sister Eging
There are many perks from serving on Temple Square. Especially when President Russell M. Nelson randomly has his secretary call our Mission President and says he would like to come speak to us that day. So on Friday we had a surprise visit from an apostle of the Lord. The AP's found out at 8 am and we met at 10 am  as a whole mission. The senior couples manned the square and we just trusted the Lord would take care of all the visitors. It was a special experience the first thing he wanted to do was shake all of our hands. He looked at all the Sisters from around the world and said it was heaven hahaha. He spoke alot about the tribes of israel and our lineage.

He said, "That the Book of Mormon is the instrument for the gathering of Israel... So you learn the Book of Mormon". I wish I could just send you all my notes that I wrote, it was an incredibly spiritual experience. Something he said was that the Lord likes an unlikely Scenario. Think of Joseph Smith and the gospel being restored! No place or people were ready until the year 1830 for the restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He shared his testimony of how he came to know the Book of Mormon was true, while he visited the sacred site where the
Karlie Kellie and her parents on the way to
plates once laid. He also said that the churchs top of the line translators can do about 1 page a day, but Joseph Smith with little education and in the 1800's was able to do 6-8 pages a day, because he was a prophet of God. So amazing to see he was filled with that power and authority to complete this task.  At the end he opened it up to Q and A. He was speaking about the great opuurtunity we have to serve in so many callings in the church and he said, " Be grateful for that, I have to die to get released. " hahaha He is a funny man. (:
My Mom's cousin, Randy,
stopped by!

On Sunday we spoke in a ward. There was 4 of us sisters total, me, Sister Eging, Sister Bartell and Sister Worthen (our roommates). We all got to pick a topic to speak about. I spoke on becoming Converted vs. having a testimony. Being a missionary has definitely made it easier to give talks. As i was studying this topic I came across a talk by Elder Bednar, "Converted unto the Lord"  READ IT.  Elder Bednar said something that really stood out to me, " Testimony is the beginning of and a prerequisite to continuing conversion. Testimony is a point of departure; it is not an ultimate destination. Strong testimony is the foundation upon which conversion is established." We should constantly be striving to become more like our Savior and align our will with his, this is conversion. It is a lifetime process, but we become one with the Lord along the way.  We all sang a musical number as well. It was rendition of home ward bound, and Joseph Smiths First Prayer.... about 5 people cried so I guess they 
My Gaute on
Guatemalan independence day!
She grew. 
liked it. (:
The square is slowing down but the work isn't! Carlos and his family are getting baptized on Saturday. Feather is also getting baptized too! We are so excited for them! We met an awesome man on the square, he was on his way up to BYU as a non member, we are excited to share more with him about the gospel! (:
Much Love, 
Sister Sughroue
Read the talk by Elder Bednar, Alma 23. (The Anti-Nephi-Lehis are a great example to us of becoming converted)
Sister Worthen,
My kiwi from New Zealand.
Roommate and life long friend.
Goes home in 3 weeks :(

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