Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Week #57 - September 28th, 2015 (Part 1)

Best Mission in the World!
Hello (:
Stained glass art from
the Church Hsitory Museum

Our Week started out pretty Good! We went to the Moore's for dinner last pday, they are a senior couple in the mission office and we are super tight with them. We relaxed around the BBQ, had Surf and Turf and dessert of coarse. They are our best friends, Sister Worthen goes home next week so we had to have a going away dinner :( ahhhh I am going to miss her!

This week Sister Eging and I saw some miracles on the tours we took! One was with Mike and Greg, two brothers who both had some previous contact with the church and Book of Mormons at home. We focused on the restoration through out the whole tour, the spirit was so strong at the end, that they were so touched by our testimonies and kept thanking us. The message of the Restoration if Key! So powerful! We plan to keep in touch with them and they want to meet with local missionaries.
We got to tour the Church history Museum before it opens up the public this week. It is amazing!!!! I highly recommend everyone to go. My testimony was strengthened from walking through those doors. It goes through and tells/ shows the history in such an inspiring way!
Taking calls from weirdos...
please someone normal call in!
Sister Eging & I
My baby (Trainee) & I have to break-up
ummmm what else happened.... o yeah we found out Feather is a fake. We are still trying to sort out all the details between us and the local missionaries, mission presidents, and bishops. But she has been telling all of us completely different bizarre stories. We were mad at first when we found out but now I am just grateful we know so we can stop wasting time with her. It is so sad, that because we teach online people who have no lives, like to troll and waste our precious time. We were suspicious the past couple weeks something was up, and this week she was suppose to be baptized on saturday, but told us she didn't. And actually found out from the local missionaries she was, but they know her as a completely different person with a different story, living in a different state then what she told us. So we finally had to laugh at it, then got ice cream. Ice cream fixes everything.
On a more spiritual note, we were able to attend the Funeral of Elder Richard G. Scott. It was such a special experience. To hear his family, share about his life and what an amazing father, husband, friend and Servant of the Lord he was. It was very touching to hear from his fellow apostles, of the stories they told of him while serving together. He will be missed, but is now reunited with loved ones.
Conference is coming!!!! We are stoked! We get to go to one session, I am hoping I get
West 1 Zone
tickets for when they call the new apostles! It would be amazing to witness that!
We had transfer conference yesterday, but don't switch companions until tomorrow morning. Sister Eging and I were sad to be separated, but o well! My new companion is Sister Rodriguez from Argentina!!!! Wooohooo I love Latinas! tooo much fun! She has been out for 6 months! We are assigned to Guest Services, I am a District Leader and my Pday is Friday! Double Pday this week! You will hear from me shortly haha. I have to move apartments, not sure where yet.... haha. Lots of great things to come this next couple of months, the Lord never ceases to amaze me. He knows us perfectly.
Much Love, 
Sister Sughroue

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