Friday, October 2, 2015

Week #57 (Part 2) - October 2nd, 2015


Sister Sughroue &
Sister Rodriquez
Thats right I'm back to learning spanish... wishing I would have paid more attention in spanish class in high school year with Michael and Tanner. hahaha. 

Almost made it
home before the rain!
Well nothing big has really happened the last couple of days.... double Pday during the week is weird because I don't have much to say. My new companion is awesome! Sister Rodriguez from Argentina, she has been out for 6 months, is 23 years old, loves to have a good time, laugh and is an amazing missionary! She is teaching me to be Latina, because Latinas are way cooler than Americans. I feel so blessed to be with her. We have already made some spanish people cry from the spirit..... thats when you know you got em. . I am working on my spanish, when in doubt I just say "Soy Bonita pero no hablo espanol" that should get me through conference weekend.   I am so excited to hear from all the leaders of our church, going with questions is the best way to receive revelation and I am ready! Last conference on Temple Square.... wow time flies :( yikes! 

Sister Sughroue &
Sister Eging
Serving at Temple Square is a special experience because I have gotten so close to the Sisters because I am with them everyday, and now I have friends from all over the world, and a bigger reason to travel and go back packing in Guatemala with Sister Polanco. hahaha. I am driving sister Polanco and Worthen to the airport on Monday, these two have become life long friends. They have changed me as a missionary and person, it has been such a privilege to serve with them. Sister Polanco was my companion in my 5th transfer.... one of my best! ahhhh love her.... I've already cried because she is leaving. Hoping I ran out of tears, but I know I'll see her again.... even if its on facebook. hahaha 

Sister Worthen from New Zealand (my roommate)
and Sister Polanco from Guatemala (former companion)
My favorite Russian
is going home....
Sister Bryuzgina
I hope you all enjoy conference! Go seeking for answers and you will find them! We must let our heart, mind, and ears be open! I would love to hear back what your favorite talks were and why! Such an amazing  historical moment to witness as they will be calling 3 new apostles! 

Sister Sughroue

Best Mission in the World!

Working on the Square!
On the Square!
Brother Moore likes taking pictures of us working!

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