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Week #58 - October 9th, 2015


Sending prayers & love
to Graham Lowe!

Sister Rodriquez, Sister Sughroue,
Sister Worthen & Sister Polanco
      Its kind of been a crazy week! First with General Conference, then moving out of our apartment because it was the third time the carbon monoxide alarm went off and the fire department had to come... don't worry we are safe and can breathe in our new apartment right next door! 

    Sister Rodriguez and I survived a week of General Conference! Thousands of members, many confused tourists in jeans, and lots of miracles! Ran into some friends which was fun! We were able to attend the Saturday morning session, it was amazing! Friday night our investigator Griffin texted us and told us he got last minute tickets to saturday morning too, so we got to meet up with him after! Such a special experience for him! The rest of the weekend we literally spent the whole day from 8am- 9pm walking and contacting people, even though most were members we tried to uplift all that we met and encouraged them to get involved with missionary work. Lets just say my legs were dead....luckily we got to sleep in on tuesday till 9! ahhhhh perks of working so hard at conference! this conference was so powerful, they all are, maybe I was just more spiritually prepared to learn this time! I can't pick a favorite talk, partially because I only really saw one session and am currently tryig to catch up during studies, but I loved "The Joy of Living a Christ Centered Life" by Elder Richard G. Maynes! I thought it was funny on how he related it to molding clay... I was terrible at ceramics in highschool because I could never get the clay perfectly centered on the wheel.... luckily I am better on the spiritual side of putting Christ in the center of my life. hahaha. 
Griffin & Laur

On Sunday night President Poulsen wanted to treat all the sisters for an exhausting weekend, so we got to have a fireside from John Smchidt, one of The Piano Guys! He brought his whole family and they performed and sang all night it was awesome! Former temple  Square sisters covered the square for the last two hours so it was fun to see them too! Pictures from this are on

This conference one of the biggest miracles came in a very unexpected way. Sister Rodriguez and I were up at the Christus and started talking to two Tongan men who were members. I told them about Grandma and Grandpa Pulsipher served a mission and worked in Liahonna highschool! They recognized a picture of them and said they went to Liahonna
Sione today!

too! Without even thinking I randomly asked, "Do you know Sione? He has scars from a very bad burn when he was younger" One of them said, "Yes! He is my cousin!" (All polys are "cousins", but this this time it was legit!) I explained to him how my grandparents helped Sione come to America, to receive better medical treatment as for his very severe condition, and use to live with us when I was 6 years old! Since then my Grandparents have lost contact with him, and have always wanted to see how he was doing! I know he has been in their prayers..He told me Sione lived in Utah, and he had his number! So he tried to call him, but the number was bad. kind of bummed but  I gave him my number and told him to call me when he gets in touch with him! 20 min later, we got a phone call from a random number! When I answered it was Sione, he was at Temple Square and we met up with him! He told us he came over to pick up the Elders to take them home and when they were walking he felt that they should walk through temple square a certain way... where he ended up seeing his cousin I just met and his cousin told him about me and to call me!!!! Sione and I were so happy to see each other, it was funny because the last time he saw me I was a kid! He said he had been trying to get a hold of my grandparents for years, even called Liahonna highschool back in Tonga to try to find their contact info, this was
answer to his prayers. About 12 years later, our paths were led to each other! He is now married with a baby girl! He is coming back with his family tomorrow to come meet me, get a tour and go out to lunch! I am so excited! Truly this was all orchestrated by God, and we were luckily all in tune with the spirit! God always answers prayers. He knows us, perfectly and his timing is perfect. I knew there were many reasons I was called to serve at Temple Square, the people I have taught, the lessons I learned, my companions, and now this. The Lord never ceases to amaze me! Something I have learned on my mission is to expect miracles, because God will make it happen. (This is Lindsey's mom. I received a phone call about 45 minutes after the last session of Conference on Sunday. It was Sione! He wanted to know how to get ahold of my parents. Well, they were there! My parents were able to talk to Sione, get an update about his life, exchange phone numbers and addresses-- there were tears-- Miracles happen! The picture above is of Tyler and Sione before his surgeries.

This past weekend we were richly fed by the words of the living prophet, apostles and leaders of our church. We received revelation, took lots of notes and probably came up with a million things we need to do.... President Poulsen shared with us that we need to take the notes we wrote down and then ACT on it! Because of this.... I want too.... It can be overwhelming, but don't let it stay on the piece of paper... pick just a few things and work on them for the next 6 months until we are able to feast on their words again! I know
Pondering my scriptures!
Thomas S. Monson is a prophet under the direction of our Savior leads and guides the church. We are so blessed with the revelation he receives! 

I love you all! Have an amazing week!

Sister Sughroue

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