Saturday, October 31, 2015

Week #61 - October 30th, 2015

Sister Rodriquez &
Sister Sughroue at the
SLC Temple Square Mission 5K
Its been an interesting week on temple Square thats for sure! Saturday we had our "More Fit for the Kingdom" Mission 5k! It was awesome! All the sisters and couples participated! President and Sister Poulsen did it too! We all got matching shirts, socks and had a big breakfast bash at the end! We started at the SLC capitol and then ran through the canyon it was beautiful! So much fun! I was so proud of my self for accomplishing it! Its not easy to breathe in utah hahaha.
     On Saturday Griffin and Lauren texted us saying they were at Temple Square! What a great surprise! They just drove down from rexburg for the day and I got to see him 2 days after he was baptized! It was good to visit, they are coming back in 2 weeks to do baptisms for his first time in SLC temple, we get to go with them!
President & Sister Poulson ran too!
    Sunday wasn't as good as saturday thats for sure. We were in the Assembly Hall talking with people, we have a desk in the back where we all put our stuff down, and no one touches it. But a homeless guy came in, got lucky and took my ipad. Its long gone. I was devastated.... even though we are sure he took it, we looked everywhere and did everything to find it. After a horrible afternoon I got over it and realized its just a "thing" and Im not gonna die. haha. sooooo now I have a loaner Ipad to borrow till i go home and it never leaves my hand. This was a lesson in forgiveness. I hated all the hobos for a few hours and wanted to interrogate all of them outside the gates of the square, don't worry I didn't. haaha  I just had to let it go, so that i could continue to work hard and serve the Lord with a clear mind and full heart. Who knows maybe the hobo will read the gospel Library and join the church.
The entire SLC Temple Square Mission 5K!
Tuesday  late night we got a call from the AP's asking me to go with Sister Rajah (from Australia-same class from the MTC)  to speak at a meeting on Wednesday afternoon. It is a meeting they have with  representatives from the different deparments on Temple Square, to report and present the work they are doing. We went with President Loos (counselor in our mission Presidency) to the meeting in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. So many dedicated people, such a wide spectrum too... someone from the missionary department, garden tours, church history museum, main organist from the MO-TAB,and Elder Clarke from the Seventy. He is awesome, we see him pretty often around here and he always talks with the sisters! They asked us to share about our experience at Temple Square the past year and some miracles! So I shared about Carlos and his family! It was a great experience to hear about all the different things that make Temple Square such a special place! All the simple things done by these people make a world wide impact for the church!
The work is progressing!!! Especially when you have a Spanish companion! Even though I may not speak the same
Our attempt at a cake of
Lehi's vision!
language, my companion is awesome at giving me oppurtunities to share my testimony and teach, then she translates haha. But I love these people and pray for them! Salud and Oscar are on date for baptism Nov. 7th. A mother and 2 daughters were baptized last week and now we are teaching the father! Spanish people are so chosen. haha!
Mom got to stop by for a
few minutes to say hi after taking
Tyler had surgery.
Spiritual food for thought. "It is our duty to be better today than we were yesterday, and better tomorrow than we are today." - Teachings of Lorenzo Snow.  God does not expect perfection, even though a lot of us would like to be perfect. We are too hard on our selves.  It has been a goal on my mission to become better each and everyday, through little steps I have changed. No I am not perfect, so don't expect that when I get home, but I am so grateful that everyday I have the ability to repent and to "Try a little harder to be a little better." - Gordon B. Hinckley. Life is real good.

Much love,
Sister Sughroue

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