Sunday, October 25, 2015

Week #60 - October 23rd, 2015 - Personal Interview With Elder Holland

Sister Sughroue's view everyday!
Griffin at his baptism
Sister Eging & Sister Sughroue
Skyping in for it!
   It seems that every week just gets better. Griffin was baptized last night! Sister Eging and I were reunited, because we taught him together and skyped in! Funny because he is in Karlie and Mauris ward two of my best friends.... small world. Anyways Griffin has an amazing story, he was introduced to the church long before he met us by his amazing girlfriend Lauren who is a recent convert. He said she tried unsuccessfully to convert him because he was so closed off too it. haha He was on his way up to BYU I with Lauren... with no intentions to join this church, or being open to it. They stopped by Temple Square on their way up.... to put it simply, he felt the spirit. It tugged at his heart and it was softened. He met us, right before they left the visitor center and we asked him to read the Book of Mormon and we would give him a call to share more he accepted!... he kept feeling the desire to read the Book of Mormon and learn more, which led to his desire to be baptized as he truly felt this is what God wanted him to do. Griffin has an amazing testimony of the restored Gospel and his Savior Jesus Christ. The lessons we had with him, strengthened us, and he just soaked everything in. The Spirit was his true teacher and the one who converted him. Such a special experience, I was full of Joy as we watched his baptism! God is so aware of all us, his timing is perfect. 

Carlos and his family went to baptisms at the Temple yesterday for the first time!! They were so excited! 

    Yes, I had a personal interview with Elder Holland.... but its not what you think. He came and spoke to our whole mission
Sister Rodriquez shaking
Elder Holland's hand!
Sister Sughroue is next!
on wednesday morning. We each got up and got to shake his hand.... he said the reason he wanted to do that was so he could have a personal interview with us... man its true. He held my hand tight and looked into my soul, he has the spirit so strong with him, I didn't want to let go! I was in the second row and whenever he looked over at us I felt he was doing it again! haha. He told President Poulsen after shaking all our hands he could tell our mission was doing great! This transfer is our keystone transfer as a mission, we are focusing on the Book of Mormon. Elder Holland wanted to build off of that and blew our minds at a great way to help our investigators read the Book of Mormon.  He focused on how before all else was restored in the church on earth (temples, ordinances, Quorum of the 12, Relief Society church league basketball), God needed Joseph Smith to complete the translation of the Book of Mormon... because it is that important! It is the keystone. Hearing him bear witness and testify of the restoration, was so powerful. I know he is an apostle called of God, and witness of our Savior. He said that his mission changed his life, and there isn't a day that goes by that he doesn't think about it or is grateful for it. I don't have my notebook with me, but It is filled with so much revelation! Words can't really describe what the spirit taught me during that meeting. At the end he literally ran out before the closing song and prayer because he was late to a meeting with the other apostles. hahaha. Such a special experience! 

Carving pumpkins with my District!
Miracle of the week.... we met Oscar last monday on chat, he lives in Paraguay. We taught him, got his information. Got
My district! first time
carving pumpkins for all of them...
they wanted to eat it instead ahahaha

him in contact with the missionaries there, the same week we met him, he had 3 lessons with the local missionaries, went to church and is on date  to be baptized November 7th!  

Our Mission 5k is tomorrow, super stoked! 

This week was a life changer thats for sure.

Much love, 
Sister Sughroue

Sister Sughroue's cat with messed up teeth!

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